Commercial Vehicle Insurance Ontario

If you are searching commercial vehicle insurance Ontario you are in luck as ALIGNED Insurance is one of the top commercial insurance brokerages in Canada and is a top provider of commercial vehicle insurance in Ontario.  Whether it’s a straight truck, minivan, car, pick up truck etc. if you have a vehicle that is used for commercial or business purposes we can help. 

Commercial Vehicle Insurance Ontario

Commercial Vehicle Insurance Ontario
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ALIGNED Insurance has access to 50+ top Canadian insurers and working with their team of expert commercial insurance brokers benefits you and your organization in a number of ways including but not limited to:

  • Saves you time, money & hassles by doing the shopping around for you
  • ALIGNED works for you not the insurance company
  • Ensures your vehicles are underwritten correctly so you don’t have issues if/when a claim a arises
  • Help answer questions, issue documentation to facilitate changes to your policy, facilitate financing, assist with vehicle purchases and sales, secure contracts etc.
  • You only deal with experienced and commercial insurance professionals who are on your side to help fight for you – no call centres, no sales people, no bull…

Important Things To Note When Searching Commercial Vehicle Insurance Ontario

You will get a lot of results when you search commercial vehicle insurance Ontario and a lot of organizations and people will try to sell you commercial vehicle insurance, however some helpful things to keep in mind when selecting who to work with after searching commercial vehicle insurance Ontario are as follows:

  • How important is price stability – “cheap” insurance rarely lasts.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance is like all things…you get what you pay for
  • What support and service do you receive after you purchase commercial vehicle insurance?
  • What are the values of the organization you are buying from?
  • Are they offering you options or only presenting 1 product/choice?
  • Do they work for an insurance company or are they independent and work for you?

How can I save money on commercial auto insurance?

There are several steps you can take that may help you save money on commercial auto insurance such as bundling your commercial auto insurance with other coverages, screening and hiring experienced drivers with good records, installing GPS in your vehicles, participating in the insurance company’s monitoring or telemetric program, increasing your deductible, paying premiums annually instead of monthly and using an insurance broker who has access to multiple insurance carriers and can get you the best price on the right commercial auto insurance for your business.

Does a commercial auto insurance policy cover vehicles used for personal use?

That will depend on the type of vehicle you are using, when and why it was purchased but most importantly, on the type of commercial vehicle insurance policy you purchase and the provisions and stipulations in it. 

Some business owners either use or purchase a personal vehicle for business purposes such as driving for a ride-sharing service, pizza delivery, courier service, visiting clients, showing homes as a real estate agent or regularly running errands for the business, like transporting supplies needed by the business. In this situation, your primary auto insurance policy would likely be your personal policy written with some commercial coverage added to it which means that, of course, personal use is covered.

For vehicles that are purchased specifically for business purposes like vans, trucks, commercial vehicles and others, the opposite scenario of the one described above would be true. In other words, your primary policy would be a commercial vehicle policy and you would have to have personal use provisions written into it. 

What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

What’s covered by commercial auto insurance depends on each individual policy and each will provide different levels of protection. For the most part, basic commercial auto insurance can provide coverage for third party liability to protect your business and your driver if they are deemed to be ‘at-fault’ for an accident that causes injuries or property damage to a third party; collision coverage for damage to your vehicle and the contents inside it if you or your driver was not responsible for the collision and accident benefits coverage for your drivers that can pay for medical treatments and lost wages if they are injured in a covered accident.  

Other levels of commercial auto insurance coverage can include comprehensive coverage that can pay for damages to your vehicle regardless of who is at fault as well as provide protection for fire, theft, vandalism, etc., loading and unloading liability, cargo coverage and more.  

What is a Commercial Fleet policy?

A commercial fleet policy is a single commercial vehicle policy that covers several vehicles used for business purposes. A commercial fleet policy usually stipulates that all the vehicles are owned by the same entity. The minimum number of vehicles required to meet the definition of a commercial fleet can change, so contact your broker to find out if you qualify.

 A commercial fleet policy gives business owners the advantage of having one policy to cover all of their vehicles with the same or similar commercial vehicle coverages. The main advantage of a commercial fleet policy is the possibility of getting a group rate discount on coverage for your company vehicles. Another potential benefit is the ability to automatically add similar vehicles to the commercial fleet policy which is a major convenience for businesses that change out vehicles on a regular basis.

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