Amateur Sports League Insurance

Amateur sports leagues provide fun and premium exercise for kids and adults alike. Whether you run a hockey league, indoor soccer, 3-on-3 basketball, flag football, or ultimate frisbee, your amateur sports league needs a solid defense.

ALIGNED’s amateur sports league insurance packages are customized by our commercial insurance experts to protect your league and its athletic participants, employees, spectators, guests, volunteers, and board members from any personal injury by providing you exactly the coverage you need.

Amateur Sport Associations Insurance
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Do amateur sports teams need insurance? 

Yes, amateur sports teams need to have insurance coverage to protect them against possible injury and other sorts of liability claims. In the general course of playing sports, members of amateur sports teams can be at risk of injury, and the team could be held responsible. 

Teams that are part of an association or league may be covered under their organization’s insurance package. If operating independently, amateur teams should have their coverage. 

Amateur sports leagues and teams need insurance coverage that protects them from a variety of incidents that could result in claims against them, including injury claims that can result in damages as well as court costs. Depending on the nature of the team, they may also require other coverages, such as property and crime insurance. 

What insurance do sports businesses need and why? 

Sports businesses and teams need to have the protection of Commercial General Liability Insurance to guard against various scenarios involving personal injury and property damage that could occur during their operations. Extended coverage exists for abuse liability, which is advisable for sports businesses that deal with youth and other age groups. 

A sports business or team may also require Property Insurance coverage for equipment, buildings, and more. This coverage protects against perils like fire, floods, and vandalism. 

Other possible coverage could include Event Liability Insurance for clubs that host events, 

crime insurance, Director’s and Officer’s Insurance for those with a board of directors, and Commercial Auto Insurance if the team uses its vehicles. The type of insurance a sports business requires depends on its specific attributes. 

How much does insurance cost for an amateur team? 

The cost of insurance coverage for an amateur team primarily depends on its composition and operations. The number of club members, the nature of the way it operates in terms of its games and practices, its general and projected revenues are all factors that will affect the cost of insurance, as will others. If the team owns property or vehicles, its coverage should reflect that and any involvement in events and transportation of its staff and players. 

What Does Basic Amateur Sports Insurance Cover?

A Commercial General Liability Insurance policy as part of your amateur sports league insurance can provide coverage for a wide variety of incidents such as:

  • Medical expenses and legal coverage for injuries to players during games, tournaments, or practices.
  • Coverage for personal injuries to third parties on your property or at facilities rented by your league.
  • Cover for claims of property damage, false advertising, and libel or slander
  • Legal fees for an insured lawsuit including:
    • Lawyer’s fees
    • Defense costs
    • Out-of-court settlements
    • Awards for damages
  • Optional coverage for abuse liability is also available and recommended for amateur sports leagues, especially those for youth.

Other Amateur Sports League Insurance Coverages

Below are some of the other coverages recommended for amateur sports leagues:

Event Liability Insurance is needed for tournaments and exhibitions hosted by your league. If you host fundraising events, banquets, awards ceremonies, or other events where alcohol is served, we can also provide you with liquor liability coverage to protect your sports league from the actions of an intoxicated guest.

Property Insurance covers buildings and contents including sports equipment, computers, office equipment, phones, cash, and other assets located in facilities used by your amateur sports league in the event of fire, flooding, theft, vandalism, and other perils.

Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance protects the directors and officers of your amateur sports league whether they are a volunteer or salaried members of your board. Officers and directors can be held personally liable in lawsuits alleging mismanagement, conflict of interest, and other wrongful acts. 

Crime Insurance covers your sports league in case of employee theft or fraud. 

Commercial Vehicle/Auto Insurance covers vehicles used for league business.

Don’t let an accident or injury take you out of the game. Get ALIGNED with amateur sports league insurance packaged by commercial insurance specialists.

Insuring businesses is all we do. But our brokers are not just commercial insurance specialists, we’re advocates for you. Our job is to protect your amateur sports league by getting you the coverage you need from Canada’s top insurance companies at the best possible rates. 

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