Hockey Arena Insurance

Why is Arena Insurance Important? 

Many hazards are associated with operating an arena, making Arena Insurance vital to protect owners from large claims. Those skating, playing hockey, watching games, or attending events at an arena can potentially suffer injury and sometimes death from using these facilities. The proper Commercial General Liability Insurance protects owners against claims made in relation to incidents of bodily injury or property damage at an arena. Significant losses can also occur to this type of business from failed equipment and weather and natural disasters. Arena Insurance is crucial to protecting arena owners from potential claim payouts, court costs, business losses, and interruptions. CGL coverage can also protect against claims of false advertising and libel. 

Arena Insurance
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Why is Hockey Arena Insurance Important?

From slip & falls to head injuries to lacerations to dismemberment and even accidental death, injury risks to participants and spectators at hockey arenas are a major liability concern for organizations that run hockey arenas. Our hockey arena insurance packages in Canada can protect you from liability and from other major losses a hockey arena can incur from equipment failure and natural disasters.

Commercial General Liability Insurance for Hockey Arenas

While on-ice and slip and fall injuries are the most common, ice-skating arenas also face the possibility of personal injury from falling sound or lighting equipment, food sold at concession stands and ammonia leaks to name a few, despite putting safety measures in place. A Commercial General Liability Insurance policy specifically designed for a hockey arena can provide coverage for lawyer’s fees, defence costs, out-of-court settlements and awards for damages for lawsuits initiated by someone who alleges that they were injured at your hockey arena. 

What Else Does Arena Insurance Cover?

An arena may also act as a venue for all types of events, including sports banquets and award ceremonies, as well as concerts and other parties. For this reason, your CGL policy should include an extension for liquor liability insurance. This will cover the owner if someone who consumes alcohol on your property cannot hold you liable for damage or injury on or off-site. 

Arena owners who also host events can also consider Event Liability Insurance, including liquor liability coverage, for events hosted by your organization (at your location or elsewhere). Potential additions to this coverage could include event cancellation coverage. 

What Else Does CGL Insurance For Hockey Arenas Cover?

CGL insurance for hockey arenas can also include liquor liability coverage if your arena’s concession stands serve alcohol as you can be held liable for the actions if a patron who was served at your hockey arena causes injury or property damage even if the incident takes place off arena property.

On a related note, ALIGNED, a trusted insurance company also provides event liability coverage (including liquor liability) for banquets, award ceremonies, fundraisers and any other special event held by your organization whether it takes place at your arena rental or elsewhere on a per-event basis.

A CGL policy for your hockey arena can also provide coverage for lawsuits alleging property damage, false advertising and libel/slander.

What are Other Arena Insurance Coverages you Need? 

In addition to CGL insurance, the other Arena Insurance coverages that are useful include Property Insurance, which covers both a building and its contents from many perils, such as flooding, extreme weather events, fire, and vandalism. Business Interruption Insurance covers unforeseen circumstances that can lead to loss of revenue. 

Due to the nature of the equipment used in arena facilities, Equipment Breakdown Insurance should be a consideration to guard against instances where arenas cannot operate due to malfunctioning equipment. This insurance can cover the cost of repairs that are caused by specific perils. 

Finally, arena owners may wish to invest in Umbrella Liability Insurance. This coverage will become relevant when a claim exceeds the amount of coverage held by an arena owner. 

What are Other Hockey Arena Insurance Coverages Do you Need?

Property Insurance ” Can protect your organization from the costs for damages to your hockey arena caused by fire, flood, windstorm, sewage backup and other perils. Coverage includes both building and contents such as office equipment, computers, financial instruments, ice resurfacers, skates, hockey equipment, etc. 

Business Interruption : Business interruption insurance can reimburse you for income lost after insured peril forces you to close your hockey arena. 

Equipment Breakdown Insurance: Also known as boiler and machinery coverage, this type of insurance can cover the repair costs and other associated costs if vital hockey arena equipment such as heating systems and refrigeration units break down due to specific perils like a power surge, for example.

Umbrella Liability Insurance: Umbrella liability insurance provides coverage in case the costs of a claim go over an underlying policy limit. 

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