Understanding Skating Rink Insurance Coverages

Regardless of whether you own a roller-skating rink, indoor or outdoor ice-skating rink, the injury risks are similar, inexperienced and even experienced skaters can lose control and cause head injuries, fractures or ligament tears to themselves and others. Ice skating rinks face the added possibility of lacerations with indoor skating rinks subject to potential ammonia leaks. With the high potential of injury at skating rinks and the severity of those potential injuries, skating rink insurance is a must for all skating facilities.

Skating Facilities Insurance
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Risk Management for Skating Rinks

Implementing the following risk-management measures may help cut down your skating rink’s exposure to injuries and legal liability:

  • Regular inspection and maintenance of refrigeration units and ventilation systems (indoor rinks)
  • Inspect boards, glass and all areas skaters have access to regularly for potential hazards
  • Regular clearing and resurfacing of ice surfaces
  • Regular testing of ice thickness
  • Hire only certified technicians for equipment maintenance and repair
  • Ensure staff have proper food-handling and/or liquor serving training and certification in concession stands
  • Prohibit and enforce zero-tolerance for food or beverages on or around the skating surface
  • Hire only properly qualified, background-checked skate patrollers and instructors with first aid and CPR certification; ensure they wear proper safety equipment and are easily identifiable
  • Provide patrollers with whistles, megaphones and two-way transceivers (walkie-talkies) for crowd control and security
  • Have separate skating programs with designated times e.g. public, family, adult, roller hockey, etc.
  • Have one skate patroller for every 1 to 59 skaters; 2 for every 50 to 119 skaters; 3 for 120 to 160 skaters
  • Have a lawyer draft a legally enforceable waiver and ensure that all (including parents) sign one
  • Post signage throughout the arena outlining rules and warnings
  • Have first aid kits specifically designed for sports/skating rinks throughout the facility
  • Promptly record all incidents and injuries
  • Provide proper sanitization/disinfection training for skate rental staff
  • Regularly review safety and operational procedures with all staff
  • Have clearly marked and designated areas where skates can and cannot be worn
  • Replace rubber mats regularly
  • Use ammonia sensors throughout the arena (indoor ice-skating rinks)
  • Ensure washrooms are clean and floors are dry

Skating Rink Insurance Coverages

Skating rink insurance is a customizable portfolio of coverages that are tailored to meet the unique needs of every skating rink. Below are the common coverages included in a typical skating rink insurance package.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

This is standard coverage for all businesses and is the main coverage in a skating rink liability insurance plan. A commercial general liability insurance policy provides you with coverage for lawyer’s fees, defence costs, out-of-court settlements and awards for damages for lawsuits brought against you by someone who was injured at your skating rink.

Commercial general liability insurance can also cover you for lawsuits alleging property damage, false advertising and libel and/or slander. If your skating rink serves alcohol, your commercial general liability insurance policy should also include liquor liability coverage as you can be held liable for the actions of a patron who was served at your skating rink and then causes injuries or property damages – even if the incident takes place far from your premises.

Property Insurance

If a fire, flood, windstorm or sewage backup, for example, causes damage to your building or the contents inside, property insurance can cover the costs to repair or replace your ice resurfacers, skates, computers, office equipment, etc.

Business Interruption

This type of coverage can reimburse you for income lost after insured peril forces you to close your doors.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

If a refrigeration unit breaks down due to a power surge, for example, this policy can cover the costs of repairs and other losses that result from the breakdown.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Umbrella liability provides coverage in case the costs of a claim go over your policy limit. Considering the seriousness of potential injuries at a skating rink and the value of skating rink facilities, having this coverage included in your skating rink insurance may be the right move for your arena.

How ALIGNED Gives you an Edge on Skating Rink Insurance

The commercial insurance specialists at ALIGNED can save you time, money and the hassle of shopping around for the right skating rink insurance coverage at the best rates. Commercial insurance is our specialty – we know how to ensure that your skating rink is fully protected based on its specific needs. When you choose ALIGNED, you get an advocate working with Canada’s top insurance companies to get you comprehensive skating rink insurance that covers your liability risks at affordable rates. Contact an ALIGNED advocate to get a free quote on skating rink insurance in minutes or get started right away by using our free online tool.

Do I need insurance before I start my business?

It is recommended that Skating Facilities have insurance in place before offering any services to customers. There is often a checklist that goes into a business start-up in Canada and may include such steps as setting up a bank account and POS system, seeking the proper business license with your home jurisdiction, and developing processes for staff. Getting insurance quotes and developing a package with your broker for your new business should also be high on that list. It’s difficult to say when you will first need insurance coverage, but it will be easy to know when it is too late.

Will insurance protect my business from everything?

Protection from everything is a tall order! Your insurance package should reasonably address the risks associated with running a skating facility, especially potential injuries or property damage that could occur as a result of the public using your rink. If that happens, your insurance offers the protection of covering any costs associated with lawsuits that allege liability, including lawyers’ fees and potential damages payments.

Your insurance package can also protect against freak weather events that have negative extreme effects on your physical skating facilities or equipment. Fires, floods, thefts and vandalism are also covered under Property Insurance coverage.

It’s conceivable that your refrigeration unit could break down, causing the ice surface at your skating rink to become unfrozen. Your business could not operate under these conditions, so both Equipment Breakdown and Business Interruption Insurance should be considered as additions to your policy.

To protect against the unexpected outside of these scenarios, Umbrella Liability Insurance can assist with your peace of mind by providing additional coverage in the case that claims go over your policy limits.

So while it’s difficult to plan for everything, your ALIGNED Insurance advocates are experts at anticipating the risks associated with your business and ensuring you have proper coverage to address them.

How Much Does Skating Rink Insurance Cost?

There are several factors that will affect the cost of your Skating Rink Insurance, for example, the age and size of your facility, the number of patrons you typically serve, the projected annual revenue of your business, and the number of staff you employ. Many other determinants will come into play, but your insurance coverage should be tailored to suit your business needs. While you want to be sure you have adequate coverage, you also do not want to be paying for insurance you don’t need.

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