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More 5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers of Canada

More 5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers of Canada
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More 5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers of Canada

5 stars. Five star reviews on Google have quickly become the gold standard for customer feedback in our online world.

And this is just one reason why we’re proud to share some of the newest reviews ALIGNED Insurance clients across Canada are posting online.

Firstly, client reviews tell us what we’re doing right. What solutions clients value the most – which, more often than not, is speed of delivery. Secondly, client reviews shed light on what clients appreciate the most about us. And what that is, we’ve come to understand, is the time we spend listening. Suffice it to say, to help you we need to know you.

And that’s why we take the time to ask you questions about your business now and your future business plans. Your answers help us determine the best insurance companies and products for your specific needs. We work with 65+ of Canada’s top insurance companies. This means we know the market and how to find the best value and options for your individual needs.

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Above all, we value feedback from our clients. Your feedback tells us that we are on track. And it tells us that we are delivering on our commitment to creating a different and better client experience. Most importantly, when you take the time to write and post an online five star Google review about any one of our ALIGNED insurance brokers it tells us we’re making a difference!

We’re super proud to share some recent reviews from clients across Canada below. If you’d like to talk to an ALIGNED broker about your business insurance needs, we’d love to hear from you.

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More 5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers of Canada

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Where To Find Commercial Insurance Brokers Calgary - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

Here are some 5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers in Calgary

  • “I have used this team 3 times in 3 years and they always deliver” Ryan, Calgary
  • “Great team, they helped get our apartment complex insured over the summer” Kristof, Calgary
  • “We worked with Aligned on a handful of occasions throughout our expansion and we always had first-class service” Mario, Calgary
  • “Aligned was super helpful and quick to get back to us” Rachel, Calgary
  • “The aligned team had us set up with everything we needed for our cafe and test kitchen very promptly” Cheryl, Calgary
  • “I appreciate the quick turnaround time during covid” Joseph, Calgary
  • “We insure all our special events through this team and we never had any issues and the price is great. We do a lot of our events on short notice and they respond fast” Lynn, Calgary

Cambridge ALIGNED Insurance brokers

And a few 5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers in Cambridge

  • “Highly recommend this team, very helpful” Leo, Cambridge
  • “I don’t review often but this experience absolutely requires it. Our fast-growing tech company needed a new policy, and our broker of many years spent months “marketing us” to insurance companies, yet produced very few practical options for us after all that time. With less than a week to go before we had to accept our broker’s best presented option, I took a chance and reached out to ALIGNED. Andrew and his team immediately got to work to better understand our company, our technology, and our history in order to find insurance companies that matched our specific profile. It was clear that Andrew understands commercial (and technology-specific) insurance like no one else I’ve spoken to. In less than a week we were presented options, and they were SIGNIFICANTLY better than anything else we had been presented from our current broker after months of effort. Not only did we end up with better coverage than we would have otherwise received, but we managed to save over $6,000 in the process, which I never would have thought to be possible! Best ROI for a half hour phone call I’ve ever seen! We’re thrilled to be a customer and I simply wanted to share our experience in case it can help someone else. Do yourself a favour – don’t settle for the status quo with your insurance, reach out to ALIGNED, and spend just half an hour with them. My only regret is that we didn’t make that call years ago!!” Gary, Cambridge
  • “The aligned team insured both our commercial properties quickly, and we had a very responsive and reliable agent” Francis, Cambridge
  • “Great service, and a variety of options” David, Cambridge
  • “We had both our locations insured through the Aligned team and we were really happy with the price and the speed in which they respond and finalize the deal’ Cindy, Cambridge

5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers Toronto

And some 5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers in Toronto

  • “Highly recommend Aligned for insurance, they are very helpful” Yanna, Toronto
  • “Really appreciate the attentive service from the Aligned team” Christopher, Toronto
  • “Stellar service and very responsive team, I really appreciate them going above and beyond for us.” Michael, Toronto
  • “Great experience. I just needed an insurance quote for a Business Management course for a Business Plan assignment. I had to gather information about operating costs for insurance needs. They were ready to help answer my questions despite that I was not an actual business owner looking for Business insurance packages. I recommend them for their prompt and friendly service. If I were to operate my own business in the future, they are the first on my list to call. :)” Mel, Toronto
  • “We insured 2 business and 1 property in Toronto through aligned and everything was smooth and very expedient” Oliver, Toronto

5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers Vancouver

And more 5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers in Vancouver

  • “Great team, very quick to get started” Stormy, Vancouver
  • “Super helpful team, I refer all my real estate clients to them” James, Vancouver
  • “Amazing service, very responsive, and professional each time they helped us out” Carl, Vancouver
  • “We have used Aligned for a few years now and they never disappoint, very prompt and reliable service” Cristin, Vancouver
  • “This team was very responsive and they had sorted our situation during covid very quick” Stephanie, Vancouver
  • “Prompt and fast service from Aligned had our buildings across 2 cities insured.” Diane, Vancouver
  • “we had our commercial building insured through aligned and it was really fast, at a great price” Ersha, Vancouver
  • “Competitive price and great service” Brady, Vancouver
  • “We insured both our offices through aligned and can’t recommend them enough” James, Vancouver

In short – if you’re looking for the best business insurance in Canada…

We are here to help. We know that 5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance matter and that’s why we are proud to share them.

Contact us now to start your 5 star experience with an ALIGNED Insurance broker!

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More 5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers of Canada

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More 5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers of Canada

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