Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler System Installation Insurance

Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler System Installation Insurance

You and your team may be able to move the earth, but you’re still human and can make mistakes. Get ALIGNED with lawn irrigation sprinkler system installation insurance customized to meet your protection needs.

Potential Liability Scenarios for Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler System Installers

Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler System Installation Insurance
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Digging trenches, using heavy equipment, connecting pipes and hoses, working with water and electricity, you work with the constant possibility of personal injury to the general public and/or property damage every day.

Why do irrigation businesses need insurance?

These are just a few of the potential liability scenarios you and your team are exposed to daily. Remember that even if your company and team are ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing, the costs to reach that point can be astronomical and many companies have folded over the years because of a single lawsuit. Protect your company’s best interest by having a dependable compensation insurance in place.

When would I need a lawn irrigation sprinkler system installation coverage?

Here are a few scenarios that could result in major liability or loss if you are not covered by a lawn irrigation system installation insurance:

  • A child, pet or even adult cuts or otherwise injures themselves touching a trencher, excavator or a pipe cutter 
  • Someone trips over a sprinkler head or falls into a trench and tears a ligament or breaks a bone
  • You accidentally dig up or hit a gas, electricity or water line
  • One of your employees or subcontractors driving a Bobcat collides with a vehicle
  • A sewage pipe is hit or disconnected resulting in a spill or mold or bacteria growth
  • An improperly connected pipe bursts causing major water damage to a client’s or neighbour’s home
  • Your crew goes to lunch leaving equipment unattended at the job site only to return and find that it’s been stolen
  • One of your work vans rear-ends a vehicle in front of it that stops suddenly
  • When soldering pipes together at your shop, a fire is started, or an explosion occurs
  • A client visiting your office trips over a tool or pipe that was accidentally left on the floor and twists an ankle, or worse, and is unable to work for a period of time

What type of insurance do lawn irrigation sprinkler system installation contractors need?

A Commercial General Liability Insurance policy written as part of our lawn irrigation sprinkler installation insurance packages can help protect you from the potentially overwhelming legal costs to defend a personal injury or property damage lawsuit like some of the ones mentioned above by providing cover for:

  • Medical expenses or repair costs incurred by an injured party
  • Lawyer’s fees and defence costs
  • Out-of-court settlements
  • Awards for damages

They can also provide coverage for other lawsuits such as those alleging libel or slander by a competitor or false advertising by a client, for example. 

Other Coverages for Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler System Installers

If you require bonds to bid on contracts, please see our Types Of Commercial Surety Bonds In Canada.

Don’t let your business go under because of improper coverage. Get ALIGNED with a commercial insurance specialist working for you.

When you choose ALIGNED, you get an advocate who specializes in commercial insurance coverage advocating on your behalf with Canada’s top insurance companies to get you comprehensive lawn irrigation sprinkler system installation insurance at affordable rates. Contact an ALIGNED irrigation contractor to get a free quote on fire lawn irrigation sprinkler systems installation insurance in minutes or get started right now by using our free online tool.

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