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Fire Protection Contractor Liability Insurance

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Your potentially life-saving work as a fire protection contracting company is depended on by occupants of warehouses, manufacturing plants, office buildings, hospitals and residential homes and apartment buildings to name just a few. Even for fire protection contractors who works as consultants, there is simply too much at stake not to have protection of your own. Fire protection contractor liability insurance is designed to meet the risk-protection needs of fire protection and suppression contractors and is customized to each individual contractor.

Fire Protection Contractor Liability Coverage

Fire Protection Contractor Liability Insurance
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Fire protection contractor insurance is essentially a Commercial General Liability Insurance policy that’s tailored to cover your activities and protect you from the liability risks associated with the work you do and can also include Failure to Perform or Efficacy coverage, coverage, unique to fire protection work, in case your products and/or units fail to deploy. Those activities can include:

  • Evaluating and contributing to construction plans
  • Recommending and installing fire retardant building materials 
  • Consulting and certifying fire systems
  • Designing and installing fire sprinkler and alarm systems
  • Selling, maintaining and repairing fire suppression equipment such as extinguishers, hood system, electrical room system, etc.
  • Installing and maintains automatic fire barriers, gates and communication units
  • Installing dry standpipe distribution systems and door release devices
  • Providing fire safety training, evacuation plans, extinguisher instruction etc.
  • Evaluating fire risks and hazardous materials storage
  • Consulting on wildfire prevention and creating defensible perimeters
  • Assisting with exterior fire prevention systems, water storage tanks and standpipes for fire department use

Fire protection contractor insurance can provide coverage for legal defence costs such as lawyer’s fees, settlements and awards for damages for claims alleging personal injury/bodily harm or property damage. Also included is coverage for claims of slip-and-fall injuries on your property, claims of libel or slander and lawsuits alleging false advertising, among other potential claims scenarios.

Considering the size of potential fire protection-based claims we also recommend Umbrella Liability Insurance which provides coverage for costs of a claim that exceed policy limits.

If your fire protection contracting company manufactures/fabricates fire suppression or detection products, you may also need to include Product Liability Insurance to protect you from claims related to your products.

Those products can include:

  • Fire and smoke alarms
  • Carbon Monoxide alarms
  • Sprinklers
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Monitoring systems
  • Hoods and exhaust systems
  • Piping
  • Hoses/reels
  • Safety signs and lights

If you require bonding, visit the “Commercial Surety Bonds for the Construction Industry” section on our Types Of Commercial Surety Bonds In Canada page.

Other Coverages for Fire Protection Contracting Companies

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