Commercial Property Fire Insurance Overview

Commercial Property Fire Insurance

Losses as a result of a commercial property fire can be extremely costly. In addition to the costs associated with repairing the damages, there is also a good chance that you may suffer loss or revenue due to impaired operations. To avoid potential expenses related to commercial property fires, it is important that you have adequate Commercial Property Fire Insurance coverage. Commercial Property Fire Insurance coverage is included as part of almost all property insurance policies for commercial buildings.

Commercial Property Fire Insurance Considerations 

There are a number of factors that come into play when insurers are pricing Commercial Property Fire Insurance and the biggest one is the level of fire protection at each location. The main way to achieve fire protection is through sprinklers systems, but it should be noted that not all sprinkler systems are the same and it is important to evaluate & understand how your sprinkler system works and how to properly maintain it.

Commercial Property Fire Insurance Sprinkler Evaluation Process

The ISO fire sprinkler evaluation process consists of a review of the following areas:

  • System design based on the requirements of occupancy
  • Available water supply
  • System installation and components
  • System testing
  • Inspection of areas of the building without sprinklers
  • Building conditions affecting the sprinkler operation

Commercial Property Fire  Insurance Sprinkler Testing and Certifications

The following must be reviewed or completed before receiving an ISO credit:

  • Main Drain Test
  • Copy of the Underground and Overhead Piping Hydraulic Test Certificate
  • Dry Pipe Trip Test Results (systems with dry pipe valves only)
  • Fire Pump Performance Test Results (systems with fire pumps only)
  • System Design Criteria Evaluation (through a review of the sprinkler plans, hydraulic calculations or hydraulic data plaque information)

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