How To Find Top Insurance Companies In Canada

Searching for top insurance companies in Canada? We can help.

Who you do business with matters. And that’s why it’s important to work with brokers who have relationships with top insurance companies in Canada. As a business owner, you don’t have time to canvas the market and work directly with multiple insurance companies to find the best coverages. So working with an insurance brokerage that has strong relationships with more than 70 top insurance companies in Canada simply makes good business sense.

In addition, working with an insurance broker that focuses exclusively on delivering commercial insurance Canada options makes even more sense. Unlike many insurance brokers, ALIGNED specializes. In other words, we don’t try to be all things to all clients. We aren’t also juggling personal home and auto coverage queries. Business insurance is what we deliver and what we’re proud to specialize in.

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There’s a lot of noise out there right now. Insurance Business Canada notes that, “The nation’s top 10 property/casualty insurance companies claimed just over two-thirds of the total market and wrote more than $39 billion in premium according to global credit rating agency AM Best.”1 That’s a big market. And a lot of competitive options to sort through.

Certainly, we recognize this and that’s why we’re constantly strengthening our relationships with top insurance companies in Canada. In other words, we’re building relationships to ensure that who we do business with is able to deliver the very best options and value to our clients.

Let us do the work when it comes to finding top insurance companies

At ALIGNED we are proud to be 100% Canadian owned. And each ALIGNED Advocate is more than just an employee they are also an owner. As owners we are all working to deliver the best possible insurance experience to Canadian businesses. And it’s important to know that we are not owned in whole or part by any insurance company. This means that we are committed to always ensuring our interests directly align with those of our clients.

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It also means that we are always focused on delivering a different – and better – insurance experience. We do this in 11 specific ways. Above all, we do it by focussing our knowledge and expertise within the commercial insurance Canada marketplace.

Whether you want to work with one of the top ten insurance companies in Canada or simply the best insurance company in Canada, we are here to help. While finding top insurance companies isn’t hard, identifying solutions that fit for your specific needs is the value we bring to each and every ALIGNED client.

And it’s not just us saying this, it’s also our clients.

What our clients are saying about the top insurance companies we’re aligning for them

Aligning top insurance solutions is what we do. And when our clients take the time to write a Google review about how we’ve helped them move forward, we know we’re making a difference.

“I appreciate the quick turnaround time during COVID.” – Dale, Calgary

“We insured 2 business and 1 property in Toronto through ALIGNED and everything was smooth and very expedient.” – Oliver, Toronto

“We started a company a year ago providing a service that has never been done before. Which means there was no template or established way of insuring us. Ana was exceptional in helping us, patiently learning about the business to make sure we had the right coverage in place, and working with the insurers to make sure they understood us too. Thank you Ana and Andrew, it’s been a pleasure working with you.” – Ian, Toronto

“I was looking to get an insurance for a Property Management company. I contacted 7 insurance companies/brokers and none of them were able to provide me with a quote. Andrew managed to provide me with a good quote in rapid timeline which was essential for me, he was very proactive, answered all of my questions. The whole process was smooth. I recommend him highly.” – Nam, Toronto

“We opened our first Toronto location recently and had Aligned insure our building. We are very happy with the level of service and would recommend highly.” – Beth, Toronto

How To Find Top Insurance Companies In Canada - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

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“Aligned was very responsive and available during COVID and their service was much appreciated.” – Yannick, Cambridge

“I am highly recommending ALIGNED Insurance. I like the rate and service.” – Imam, Toronto

“We insure all our special events through this team and we never had any issues and the price is great. We do a lot of our events on short notice and they respond fast. – Lynn, Calgary

“Great service, and a variety of options.” – David, Cambridge

“We had both our locations insured through the Aligned team and we were really happy with the price and the speed in which they respond and finalize the deal.” – Cindy, Cambridge

“Competitive price and great service.” – Brady, Vancouver

“We insured both our offices through aligned and can’t recommend them enough.” – James,  Vancouver

“We just insured two drones for our construction company, it’s beyond difficult finding a decent price on drone insurance, so I was happy to find Aligned.” – Fernando, Vancouver

Want to work with top insurance companies? Get ALIGNED.

ALIGNING choice, value and options from Canada’s top insurance companies is what we do. Which and how many top Canadian insurance companies your insurance broker works with speaks volumes about the brokerage. That’s because one of the biggest benefits of working with an insurance brokerage its ability to provide choice to clients.

We have strong relationships with more than 70 top insurance companies in Canada. To learn more about how we can help with aligning your risks with the best commercial insurance coverage options, contact us today.

For these reasons and more, getting ALIGNED simply makes good business sense.

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