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Best Commercial Insurance Broker in Toronto

Best Commercial Insurance Broker Toronto - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

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Looking for the best commercial business insurance broker in Toronto?

You’ve landed on the right page!

It’s likely that “best commercial insurance broker Toronto” isn’t something you type into Google every day, but when you or if you do…

How do you filter through the noise and ads that come along with a search result for best commercial insurance broker Toronto?

This post is intended to help give you tools to help evaluate Google results and the companies that appear when you search online for the “best commercial insurance broker” in Toronto.

How you search is as important as where you search

The first thing you’ll notice when searching Google is that the ads that come up aren’t even for insurance brokers. Rather the ads are actually for insurance companies. These companies have deep pockets and pretty much bid on every search term that includes the word insurance. 

After the ads that pop up for “best commercial insurance broker Toronto” you’ll find a map. This map will include ads for insurance brokers who have a few good Google reviews and a number of other organic online search results.

How do you select the best commercial insurance broker in Toronto?

There are a number of ways you can evaluate who the best broker is for your organization. Here are a few points we encourage you to consider as well as some questions to ask:

  • What percentage of insurance in your insurance brokerage (or book of business) is personal insurance products versus commercial insurance products?
  • What insurance industry professional designations (and formal education) do the insurance brokers on your commercial insurance broker team have?
  • How many commercial insurance clients do you have? What is their average size? And, what industries are they in?
  • What awards or industry recognition have the insurance brokers at your insurance brokerage been nominated for and/or won?

For more information about how to find the best insurance brokerage for your organization, contact one of our many licensed Canadian commercial insurance brokers today at 1-866-287-0448

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ALIGNED – Specialists in Toronto Small Business Insurance

At ALIGNED, commercial insurance products is all we do, we are consistently recognized by Insurance Business Canada magazine as one of the top brokerages in Canada and our broker standards for education are more than double those of the Ontario regulations, so if you’re looking for the best insurance brokerage for Toronto small business insurance products, you’re in the right place!

Toronto Small Business Insurance Products

ALIGNED’s got your Toronto small business covered with a number of commercial insurance products designed to protect your business. Below are some of the most common coverages that a lot of small businesses in Toronto need. Click on each link for more info:

Small Business General Liability Insurance 

  • Protects your business against lawsuits alleging personal injury, property damage or false advertising stemming from your products or business operations.

Small Business Auto Insurance

  • Having auto insurance is mandatory in Toronto and if your vehicle is being used for business purposes, so is commercial auto insurance coverage.

Small Business Credit Insurance

  • If your Toronto small business invoices clients for your products and services, you’re probably well aware that invoices that aren’t paid or were not paid on time can affect your operations. Toronto Small Business Credit Insurance protects you from being left high and dry.

Small Business Cyber Liability Insurance

  • Hackers are targeting small businesses more and more. Even if you don’t do business online, getting locked out of your email or website could cost you lost business and/or thousands of dollars in costs if personal information gets leaked. 

Small Business Directors and Officers Insurance

  • Whether you run a non-profit, private or public company in Toronto, your small business’s directors and officers can be held liable for any errors, omissions, misleading statements or breaches of duty. Directors and Officers Insurance protects your small business’s decision-makers and allows you to attract top talent to your board.

Small Business Employee Theft Insurance

  • Unfortunately, any small business in Toronto can fall victim to theft by an employee. Times have changed, employees who steal don’t just take money out of the till anymore – they can commit fraud that can cripple your business. 

Small Business Employment Practices Liability Insurance

  • Discrimination, wrongful dismissal, harassment. As an employer, you have a duty to protect your employees’ rights. One single incident could result in a lawsuit costing thousands of dollars just to defend. Having an EPL policy as part of your Toronto small business’s insurance profile is smart business.

Small Business Property Insurance

  • Just as property insurance is essential to protect your home, a Toronto Small Business Property Insurance policy protects your business and assets from damage or losses from fire, floods, wind damage, etc.

Small Business Umbrella Liability Insurance

  • Small Business Umbrella Liability coverage kicks in to make up any shortfalls when a Commercial General Liability policy’s coverage has been used up.

Best Commercial Insurance Broker Toronto - ALIGNED Insurance Brokers

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