Who Is The Best Toronto Insurance Broker?

Who is the best Toronto insurance broker is not an easy question to answer, but it is a fair question to ask, because you have choice over who your insurance broker so why not work with the best Toronto insurance broker?  We would never be so bold to say that ALIGNED Insurance is the best Toronto insurance broker because what makes someone the best Toronto insurance broker in Toronto is a very subjective and personal thing.  The goal of this post is only to help equip you with some tools so that  you can evaluate brokers and brokerages and make an informed decision on who is the best Toronto insurance broker for you and/or your organization!

Ways To Help You Decide Who Is the Best Toronto Insurance Broker

Insurance Awards & RecognitionThere are many third party organizations like Insurance Business Canada  & Canadian Insurance Top Broker who regularly evaluate and publish lists on top performing brokerages and broker which may help you evaluate who is the best Toronto insurance broker. ALIGNED Insurance and its team have a wonder a number of such awards and in 2017 was named one of the Top 10 Brokerages in Canada!

Insurance EducationInsurance is a complex industry that requires specialized training which can only be achieved from working consistently in the insurance industry over time. Organizations like the Insurance Institute of Canada and Insurance Brokers Association of Canada offer extensive education and professional designations programs like the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP), Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional(FCIP) & Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB).  Evaluating the level of insurance education achievement and the insurance brokerages position on supporting and encouraging education are both great ways to help you decide who is the best Toronto insurance broker.

The above are just two suggested ways to help evaluate who Is the best Toronto insurance broker, but there are many more and ultimately we’d encourage you to look for differences between the people and the organization you are considering working with.  Lastly…don’t be afraid to ask…what makes you better or different?

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