Preschool Insurance Coverage

Preschool Insurance Coverage

Looking after preschoolers and watching them absorb what you teach them can be extremely rewarding but doing so also comes with a massive amount of responsibility. If a child is injured at your preschool, it’s likely that the parents will at least consider legal action. Preschool business insurance can’t stop a child from being injured at your preschool, but it can protect your preschool from having to shut down because of a lawsuit. Our preschool coverages are designed by commercial business experts who will get you only the coverage you need at rates that are well worth the peace of mind.

Preschool Business Insurance – How it can Protect you

Preschool Insurance
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Your preschool business provides an invaluable service to both parents and the children in your care. Children are accident-prone and if one of those accidents is serious, the consequences will be too. Consider the following scenarios:

  • A child with a food allergy takes a snack from another child and suffers a severe allergic reaction.
  • While playing tag, a child runs in front of the swings just as another child is swinging forward and they collide causing head injuries.
  • A grandparent coming to pick up a child slips on a wet spot on the floor of your preschool and breaks a hip.

In claims involving legal liability, our preschool business policies can cover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lawyer’s fees and defence costs
  • Out-of-court settlements
  • Awards for damages

It’s important to remember that because parents are more willing to take legal action for an incident involving their children, they may file a lawsuit against your business even if you or your staff were not negligent. With preschool insured coverage, you don’t have to worry about a frivolous lawsuit closing you down.

Preschool Coverages

Preschool business insurance is a package of coverages that can be customized based on your preschool’s specific needs. Our advocates are here to ensure that your preschool doesn’t pay for coverage it doesn’t need or is underinsured. The most common coverages in a preschool insurance plan include:

Commercial General Liability Insurance Policies

  • CGL can provide a professional liability coverage policy for lawsuits filed against your business alleging personal injury, property damage, false advertising and libel or slander. We also offer Abuse liability coverage.

Employment Practices Liability (EPL)

  • Provides coverage in case a current or former teacher or childcare worker alleges wrongful dismissal, harassment discrimination or other employment-related wrongful acts. 

Property Insurance 

  • Provides coverage for building and contents from perils such as fires, floods, frozen pipes, vandalism and more. If you run an in-home preschool, your home insurance may not cover you, check with your home insurer to confirm. 

Crime Insurance / Fidelity Insurance 

  • Protects you from employee theft or fraud. 

Taking chances is not an option. Get ALIGNED with preschool business backed by Canada’s top insurance companies.

We advocate for you. At ALIGNED, we work with Canada’s top insurance companies to ensure that your type of business has the protection it needs at rates you can afford. Contact an ALIGNED advocate to get a free quote on a preschool insurance policy in minutes or get started right away by using our free online tool.

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