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Water Treatment Company Insurance

Water Treatment Company Insurance
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As the decision-maker of a water treatment company, you have a lot of important responsibilities to stay on top of on any given day.

First, you likely oversee the use of the various chemicals and materials used to purify safe drinking water. Then, there’s the equipment management and the quality control processes. In addition, if there are municipal, provincial, and federal regulations you have to follow, there are also compliance issues you have to look out for.

Whether your company specializes in industrial water, wastewater treatment, or residential water, expertly-crafted water treatment company insurance can make it easier for you to protect your business. 

The 3 Types of Water Treatment Company Insurance That You May Want to Explore

Water Treatment Company Insurance
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1. Commercial General Liability Insurance

On a day-to-day basis, your business facility may not see all that many visitors. But even if you’re not seeing tons of third party traffic in your facility, you never know when potential stakeholders, the press, or a supplier might stop by. 

Why Should I Get CGL Insurance for My Water Treatment Business?

Because you more than likely have a lot of chemicals and industrial equipment in use at your business facility or water treatment plant, there are more opportunities available for people who are less familiar with your building to suffer serious injuries if an accident occurs. In addition, even if it turns out that you weren’t liable to begin with, the costs associated with litigation can be costly. 

What Does CGL Insurance for Water Treatment Companies Cover?

Commercial general liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage that are suffered by a third party as well as legal defence costs. This can include damages for sickness, illness and/or death associated with products and/or services. It can also cover property damage caused to third parties while installing and/or servicing systems, equipment etc.

2. Pollution Liability Insurance

Now more than ever, it seems like every other week there are new contaminants being found or previously undiscovered environmental impacts being found. 

As a water treatment facility, you’re dealing with chemicals, certifying water quality, and refining processes at every step. Depending on your particular setup, you may even have storage tanks and the like within your facility. For a water treatment company, pollution exposure is a very real concern.

Is Pollution Liability Insurance for Water Treatment Businesses Necessary?

One pollution lawsuit, simply because the cases are often so big and farreaching, can be absolutely devastating to a company. Pollution liability insurance can cover you in the event that there is an environmental pollution concern that your company gets caught up in.

3. Commercial Property Insurance

When you’re hit with an insured peril, most building insurance will often only insure the building.

However in practice, your company more than likely relies on a lot of chemicals, tanks, and other additional water treatment equipment that would be very expensive to replace on short notice. And that’s before you start calculating the cost of your standard office furniture and equipment. 

With a commercial property insurance policy, water treatment companies can get fair value back if an insured peril damages their equipment and supplies.

Here’s Why You Should Consider Working With a Broker for Your Water Treatment Insurance Needs

In addition, putting together a water treatment buisiness insurance plan is a high stakes affair. The risk of liability exposure due to chemical leaks or water quality issues has very serious implications for a water treatment company. Working with a broker who can explain the pros and cons of the different coverage options and policies available to you makes it easier for you to be sure that you’ll have the coverage you need when you need it the most.

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