Water System Company Insurance

Water System Company Insurance

Manufacturing, selling and installing water filtration, water softening and water purification systems can be risky work. Your clients depend on you to build and install water systems on top of their existing plumbing. With this high potential for property damage, your water system company needs to be protected against lawsuits that could leave you drowning in debt.

Potential Liability Scenarios for Water System Companies.

Water System Company Insurance
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What are some examples of liability scenarios with water system companies?

  • As you’re completing a water system installation in the kitchen, water spills on the tiled floor and before you have a chance to mop it up, the homeowner comes into the kitchen, slips on the floor and suffers a serious head injury.
  • One of your installers forgets to shut off the water and when he opens a pipe, soaking drywall that then needs to be replaced.
  • A client notices mold in the area where piping for a water system installed by your company.

What does the coverage plan include for liability policies in a water system?

  • Medical expenses and property repair or replacement costs 
  • Lawyer’s fees and defence costs
  • Out-of-court settlements 
  • Awards for damages

What are some liability coverages recommended for water system companies?

Commercial General Liability Insurance – coverage for lawsuits that allege personal injury (either at your shop or on a client’s premises), property damage, false advertising and libel or slander.

Pollution Liability Insurance – in case of spills or improper disposal; can cover the resulting cleanup costs and legal liability.

Remember that even if an installation or service call was done correctly, there’s still a possibility that a disgruntled customer sues you for damage you didn’t cause, forcing you to pay a lawyer to prove your innocence.

Additional Water System Company Insurance Coverages You May Need

Property Insurance – provides coverage for your (owned) building and contents from perils such as fires, floods, vandalism and more. Coverage can also include protection for your tools and equipment in transit and on the job site. If you operate your water system company from home, your home insurance policy may not cover you.

Commercial Vehicle/Auto Insurance – which covers your trucks, vans and all other work vehicles. If you use a personal vehicle for business purposes like transporting materials to a worksite, your personal auto policy may not cover you for an accident.

We also provide construction bonds for your water system company to bid on public and commercial contracts, or for you to differentiate your company from other water system installers. For more information, visit our Types Of Commercial Surety Bonds In Canada page.

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