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Window Cleaning Liability Insurance

Window Cleaning Liability Insurance
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As a window cleaning professional, you’re in the business of helping other businesses put their best foot forward. So much so that most members of the public would struggle to remember the last time they entered a government or commercial building with noticeably dirty windows.

When you’re going from site to site and cleaning windows for your clients, it’s important to make sure that you have an insurance plan that makes sense for you and your business.

Window cleaning liability insurance, or commercial general liability insurance, is a flexible coverage option that addresses situations where a third party suffers bodily injury and/or property damage. Because the policy may also be able to cover damages that come from completed operations, liability insurance can be incredibly useful for window cleaners.

The 3 Reasons Why Window Cleaning Liability Insurance is a Must-Have for Your Business

Window Cleaning Liability Insurance
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1. Liability Insurance Covers Defence and Judgement Costs

All it takes is one statement of claim for you and your livelihood to be potentially at risk. And even if you’re ultimately found not liable, the legal fees alone can still impact your company’s finances in a bad way. Commercial general liability insurance may be able to cover the costs of your defence, and, if necessary, judgement costs in the event that you’re named in a lawsuit.

2. Not Having Insurance Can Impact Your Ability to Find Work

Whether you’re bidding on a government contract or you’re being hired by a commercial property manager, all of your potential clients have one thing in common:

They want to know that they’re hiring the right service provider. 

Being fully-insured gives you credibility while also allowing you to preemptively meet the insurance requirements that are often set by clients with deep pockets.  

3. Accidents Can Happen to Anyone

As a working professional, it goes without saying that you work hard to complete your work safely and to a high standard. However, mistakes can happen at any time. Window cleaning liability insurance can help you protect yourself and your business in the event that something goes wrong during a job. 

Is Liability Insurance the Only Type of Insurance That Window Cleaners Should Be Looking For?

Preventing potential liability exposures ultimately comes down to putting together insurance coverages that make sense for your business.

To that end, additional coverage options that your for your window cleaning business might benefit from include:

  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Umbrella liability insurance

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Protect Your Business With Top-Notch Window Cleaning Liability Insurance

An experienced broker can make it easier for you to find an insurance strategy that works for you and your window cleaning business. 

Looking for a FREE window cleaning liability insurance quote? Contact ALIGNED to get started today! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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