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As an independent home health care business or the owner-operator of an agency or registry of health care providers, the care you provide comes with heavy responsibility. Whether your service includes homemaking, companionship, personal care and/or specialized, live-in care, those vital services you provide leave you vulnerable to high-risk situations and a potentially devastating lawsuit that someone needs to take care of for you. Our home health care business insurance coverages can be tailored to give you the perfect amount of protection. 

Potential Liability Scenarios for Home Health Care Businesses

Common scenarios that could lead to a terrible situation, and a potentially expensive lawsuit, that you or someone representing your agency or service could experience include:

  • Forgetting to give clients their medication, or giving them the wrong medication, who then needs medical intervention.
  • Improperly changing bandages or dressing wounds that leads to infection.
  • A momentary distraction during which an Alzheimer patient wanders off.
  • While vacuuming, an expensive heirloom is knocked over and shatters.

While your concerns rightfully involve the well-being of your client and your care provider, protecting your home health care business also needs to be top-of-mind. Below is the most crucial coverage for claims homecare businesses need. 

Standard Health Home Health Care Insurance Coverages

Depending on the designation you or your agent or employee hold and the services you provide, your home health care business insurance provider will likely include one or a combination of the following professional liability insurance coverages:

  • Medical Malpractice Insurance which is specifically written for medical practitioners and is available on either a per occurrence or a claims-made basis.
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance which can provide protection against personal injury claims (unrelated to home health care work) as well as allegations of property damage, false advertising or libel/slander.

The type of coverage in liability insurance policies for a home health care business insurance plan can include:

  • lawyer’s fees
  • legal costs or defence costs
  • out-of-court settlements
  • awards for damages

Other types of insurance Coverages for Home Health Care Businesses

Commercial Property Insurance and possibly Extra Expense Insurance.

Product Liability Insurance

Cyber Liability & Privacy Insurance 

Employee Theft Insurance

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance

Commercial Vehicle/Auto Insurance

Give your Home Health Care Business holistic protection with a commercial insurance specialist.

At ALIGNED, we only work in commercial insurance and use the relationships we’ve built over years with Canada’s top insurance companies to get our clients comprehensive home health care business insurance at affordable rates. Contact an ALIGNED advocate to get a free quote on home health care business insurance in minutes.

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