Best Insurance For Cleaning And Janitorial Companies In Canada

Business Insurance for Janitorial and Cleaning Services

Squeaky clean. If you own or operate one of the thousands of cleaning and janitorial businesses in Canada, you know that commercial, government, and residential property owners count on your business for cost-effective, timely, and detail-oriented service. 

Running a business that specializes in cleaning and janitorial support means that your team members clean many different types of properties. From Vancouver to Toronto to Halifax and beyond, your cleaning and janitorial company may have contracts for “office buildings, residential buildings, retail centres, industrial buildings, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, government buildings, restaurants, recreational facilities, and more.”1

As experts in the commercial insurance marketplace, we work with Canada’s top insurance companies to bring better coverage solutions and options to our clients. Together with Aviva Canada, we are proud to offer a quick and simple insurance solution – Aviva OnpointTM– that’s specifically designed to meet the needs of Canadian cleaning and janitorial companies. 

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Best Insurance For Cleaning And Janitorial Companies In Canada
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DYK? There’s a growing demand for Canadian cleaning and janitorial services

“In Canada, the commercial cleaning industry generates revenue of $8 billion and has seen annual growth of 2.8% from 2013 to 2018. There are 29,651 businesses that fall under this umbrella and more than 132,000 employees. Rising demand for these services keeps the employment levels rising, and the high number of companies across the country shows that the need is there.”2

Access the best insurance coverage for cleaning and janitorial companies in Canada

We know that you need small business insurance that’s perfectly fit to respond to the specific risks and exposures that your cleaning and janitorial company faces.

Across Canada, we are proud to offer cleaning and janitorial companies the very best insurance coverage options thanks to our partnership with Aviva Canada. Right now, our ALIGNED Insurance brokers are on standby to deliver a simple and streamlined insurance buying experience.

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How much does it cost to insure a cleaning business? 

Insurance for a cleaning business may be slightly higher than for other businesses, due to the inherent risks associated with cleaning. These may come from wet floors or the use of heavy equipment and strong cleaning products. The cost of insurance will also depend on the specific nature of the business in question and how much risk it carries. How many employees do you have? Do you operate company vehicles? Do you clean commercial properties? All of these factors can contribute to the cost of insurance for a cleaning business and to the cost of insurance. Cleaning companies can pay between $900-$3000 or more depending on size.  

What insurance is needed for a cleaning business? 

A cleaning business requires insurance to protect against a variety of possible risks. In addition to Commercial General Liability insurance to protect against the liability of property damage and bodily injury related to your company’s activities, there are a few other coverages that should be considered for a cleaning business. They include: 

-Pollution Liability Insurance – this is related to the cleaning products you use as part of your business. 

Property Insurance – this coverage protects your business property from extreme weather events, vandalism and theft. 

Equipment Breakdown Insurance – if your heavy cleaning equipment breaks down, you could lose revenue. 

Commercial Auto Insurance may also be necessary if you and your employees use company vehicles in your business. 

What is janitor insurance? 

Janitor Insurance protects custodians from the risks inherent in performing their jobs. If you own and operate a janitor services business, you should consider coverage to protect your business from these risks. You may have one to 100 employees, but janitor insurance can cover your business from the specific risks you face on a daily basis. Janitors typically clean commercial and institutional businesses, which come with their own set of potential perils. It is important to ensure you have the right coverage for your janitor business. 

Should cleaning companies be insured? 

All cleaning companies should be insured, and in fact, most clients will require companies they work with to have proper insurance coverage at a minimum amount. Insurance coverage also protects your cleaning company from risks that could mean bankruptcy. If a lawsuit is brought against your cleaning company for a mishap that occurred while you were working for a client and you can’t cover the associated costs, you will lose your business. It is imperative that a cleaning company has adequate insurance coverage. 

Business insurance is our speciality | Why Canadian companies choose ALIGNED brokers

Working with a team that is 100% dedicated to business insurance is important when you are looking to get an insurance quote for cleaning and janitorial companies. This is why the ALIGNED team consists of talented individuals who have years of experience with commercial insurance placement.

In fact, ALIGNED Insurance brokers work exclusively to meet the needs of Canadian businesses. We know what questions to ask and what details are the most important when it comes to insuring a commercial business. 

Want to discuss your commercial insurance needs with an ALIGNED insurance broker? You can reach us toll-free at 1-866-287-0448 or via email

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