Window Installation Company Insurance

Why is Window Installation Company Insurance Important?

Glass can be dangerous and messy. Whether you are working on a residential or commercial property, window installation company insurance can protect your business against liability and risks associated with each job. We ensure our clients, regardless of size, can deliver quality window installations safely and confidently.

Window Installation Company Insurance
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Many steps are involved in the window installation process, and a lot can go wrong despite your best efforts to avoid accidents. Having insurance:

  • Protects your business in the case your client sues for property damages and injuries caused by poor window installations.
  • Covers accidents occurred during transportation that damages your company’s vehicle or breaks the transported glass.
  • Covers expenses and legal defence if an employee is injured because of poor workplace safety measures and equipment malfunctions.
  • Covers losses and costs incurred because of equipment failures, damages to your business property, and repairs or replacements.

Our window installation company insurance can provide your business with coverage against liability claims that occur during and after your operations.

What Does Window Installation Company Insurance Cover?

The amount of protection your window installation company receives depends on the coverage that makes sense for your operations and the government regulations in your area.

Commercial General Liability Insurance – A CGL policy protects against losses and claims that arise because of your operations, such as medical expenses, personal and advertising injury claims, and property damage and bodily injury liability. It also covers legal costs and costs from compensatory and in some cases can cover punitive damages too.

Commercial Auto Insurance – Protects your employees from accidents and collisions that involve any of your company’s vehicles. Coverage includes medical expenses, legal defence in the case of lawsuits, third-party property damage liability, and loss of income. It can also include benefits for funeral expenses, disability income, and death.

Umbrella Liability Insurance – Provides extra coverage that exceeds your policy’s underlying coverage.

Commercial Property Insurance – Covers expenses incurred to your property or inventory because of theft, a fire, or a natural disaster.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance – When your equipment breaks down because of mechanical or electrical failures, the resulting loss of business income, property damage, repair or replacement costs, and any extra expenses incurred are covered.

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