Windstorm Damage Prevention Tips

Windstorm Damage & Extreme Weather Damage

Business Owners can suffer significant losses as a result of a windstorm or extreme weather events, especially when living on or near the coasts. There are many things you can do to reduce exposure to these losses by protecting the roof, windows, entry doors and garage doors with additional support or materials to prevent breakage, but unfortunately, these types of events aren’t always easy to predict or see coming.

Helpful Windstorm Damage Preventative Measures

Roof Protections:

The installation and design of your roof are critically important in how protected your building will be from high winds. For instance, the roof sheathing (the boards nailed to the rafters or trusses), can fail during a hurricane if they are not properly installed.

  • If nails have missed the rafters, consider adding more.
  • Have your roof inspected to make sure that it’s up to code and has enough nails per shingle
  • Make sure gables are securely attached and reinforced to the frame walls.


  • Consider installing impact-resistant shutters on your large windows and glass doors. They will reduce damage caused by pressure changes when windows and doors break. These shutters also protect glass from windborne objects.
  • Consider installing impact-resistant windows and patio doors.

Entry Doors:

  • Install solid wood or hollow metal doors with at least three hinges and a deadbolt lock.

Garage Doors:

  • Install single wide garage doors versus doublewide doors because they are not as susceptible to wind damage due to their size.
  • Choose heavy hinges to strengthen doors.

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