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Sports Center Insurance

Sports Center Insurance
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According to Statistics Canada, roughly 27% of Canadians over the age of 15 played sports regularly in 2016. Between the people who want to be healthy, the hobbyists who like to shoot hoops occasionally, and the folks who just want to hit the pool every once in a while, your sports center has an important role to play in keeping people fit. 

That being said, any time you have people of varying fitness levels engaging in physical activity, injuries and lawsuits are always a very real possibility. Having the right sports center insurance coverage can help make it easier for you to protect your facility from insured perils.

Looking to Insure Your Sports Center? Here Are 3 Insurance Options You May Wish to Explore 

Sports Center Insurance
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1. Commercial General Liability Insurance

At any given time, you might have multiple groups of people running, swimming, and participating in fitness classes at your facility. Even with lifeguards and trained professionals supervising, however, you never know when someone might break an ankle during a class or hit their head while attempting to dive into the deep side of the pool. 

Commercial general liability policies are designed to cover situations where a third party has suffered a bodily injury and/or property damage. For many brokers, this is an essential insurance policy for organizations that operate out of a physical location. 

2. Commercial Property Insurance

Many sports centers have exercise machines, tennis courts, pools, and other pieces of expensive equipment that they allow people to use. As much as these features can help attract people to your facility, however, the cost of replacing all of that equipment after a fire could put a serious strain on the center’s finances. 

A commercial property insurance policy is one way that you may be able to receive compensation if an insured peril ever damages your property.

3. Cyber Liability Insurance

If you store employee or payment data in the cloud, you have to be vigilant about making sure that your sensitive information doesn’t fall into unauthorized hands. Cyber liability insurance can help you navigate cyber ransom plots and other potential issues in the aftermath of a data hack. 

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Here’s Why You Should Work With an ALIGNED Broker for Your Sports Center Insurance Needs

Having insurance coverage is a key part of protecting the financial wellbeing of your organization. Simply because of the numbers that go into operating a sports center, however, it’s not always easy to figure out if you’re purchasing the right insurance plan for your facility.

Your ALIGNED broker will be able to help ensure that your sports center gets the coverage that it needs. 

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