Custom Home Builders Insurance

For custom home builders in Canada, there are many types of insurance coverages and policies available to protect yourself and your business.

There are many complex steps, equipment, materials, permits and people involved in the custom home building process. Custom home builder insurance protects your business against many risks from theft of equipment or building material to potential lawsuits or third-party liability claims all of which without appropriate custom home builder insurance could result in costly financial repercussions or even bankruptcy. Insurance helps with medical bills, legal defence fees, settlement awards, and other expenses that you would pay out-of-pocket without a comprehensive insurance policy.


Custom Home Builder Insurance
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Why is Custom Home Builders Insurance Important?

Custom home builders require custom insurance policies to protect the business from liability and litigation. As a custom home builders company, you know that health and property damages can occur at any time for your business, employees, and clients. Our custom home builders insurance is designed specifically for your business needs and be there for you every step of the way.

Whether you like it or not, accidents can occur. It is important to have legal protection so that your business can take the appropriate steps if something does happen. Some potential risks include:

  • An employee accidentally drops a piece of equipment and damages a subcontractors truck
  • Damage to a neigbouring property is accidentally caused during the course of construction
  • The customer is exploring the home and is injured by a piece of equipment while on site.

Our custom home builders insurance provides coverage for a broad range of events:

  • Defence and legal costs
  • Medical expenses
  • Liability for property damage and bodily injury
  • Property coverage for building materials, tools, equipment, homes under construction etc.

What Does Custom Home Builders Insurance Cover?

Commercial General Liability Insurance – A CGL policy covers your construction operations for lawsuits, medical expenses, property damage and bodily injury liability, and compensatory and punitive damages.

Wrap Up Liability Insurance – Provides liability insurance during the construction process and can be extended to cover all participating parties (i.e. subcontractors, consultants, engineers etc.) throughout the entire constructions project.

Builders Risk aka Course of Construction Insurance – Provides additional coverage for renovations and repairs that most commercial policies exclude because the costs are above a certain threshold and are not fully disclosed beforehand.

Surety & Bonding – There are different commercial surety bonds for the construction industry that guarantee compensation or loss recovery for the client if the construction work is not fulfilled.

Commercial Auto Insurance – Protects your commercial vehicles and employees in the event of an accident or collision. Coverage includes medical costs, legal defence costs, third-party property damage liability, and loss of income. It can also include benefits for funeral expenses, disability income, and death.

Property Insurance – Protects your supplies, equipment, tools, materials, and more from losses caused by theft and/or other perils like fire, water damage etc.

Pollution Liability Insurance – Covers cleanup and litigation costs from hazardous materials that spill, cause bodily harm, or damage to property.

Umbrella Liability Insurance – Provides extra coverage that exceeds your policy’s underlying coverage.

Customize Your Policy to Build a Custom Home Builders Insurance Plan that Works for You

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