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Choice. Value. Expertise. 3 things you should expect from your commercial insurance broker…

ALIGNMENT matters. It’s why proudly deliver a different commercial insurance experience to each and every one of our 1,600+ business insurance clients across Canada. It’s also why we’re proud to align better choices, more value and exceptional commercial expertise with every client we work with.

When you’re searching for commercial insurance broker, choice, value and expertise are key credentials that likely top your list.

Choice is one of the most important things an insurance broker delivers. There’s lots to choose from when it comes to assessing commercial coverage and that’s one of the ways the ALIGNED team stands out. We deliver 18 unique points of differentiation – and these are just some sf the reasons why we’ve quickly become recognized among Canada’s best business insurance brokers.

Commercial Insurance Broker Canada
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What is Commercial Insurance? 

Commercial Insurance is coverage for businesses and companies to protect them, their employees and their owners from potential claims. Businesses of any size or scope need commercial insurance coverage in order to safely operate and many are required to have it to operate in certain sectors. Commercial Insurance protects against liability claims made against businesses, as well as other claims related to a business’ operation. Commercial Insurance brokers provide businesses with broad coverage to shield them from potential claims and thereby protecting the business’s reputation and financial wellbeing. It is an essential tool to doing business in any location in Canada.

Why do I need a Commercial Insurance Broker in Canada? 

An experienced and committed Commercial Insurance Broker can assist you in researching the most optimal insurance coverage for your business. Canadian businesses in all industries face a variety of risks, some of which are evident and some that are not as well known. Commercial Insurance Brokers can foresee some of the risks your business may face and protect against them. The expertise of a Commercial Broker who is well versed in the Canadian insurance landscape is invaluable to recognize the potential risks to your business – both the risks that are common to many businesses and those that are specific to your own business’ size, location, scope and industry. 

What can a commercial insurance broker do for you? 

A commercial insurance broker can pinpoint areas where your business might be vulnerable and ensure you are covered in the events of those risks. It’s the job of your commercial broker to research and compile the best possible insurance coverage package for your business and provide you with affordable quotes. Like with any other business expense, you have to see value in your insurance coverage. An experienced commercial insurance broker ensures that you are getting the coverage you need and not paying for insurance you don’t. A commercial broker is well versed in many different locations and industries in Canada and acts as your expert to deliver insurance coverage that is tailored to your business’s particular characteristics. 

Value. It’s another reason why our clients choose us as their preferred Canadian commercial insurance broker…

Google reviews matter. Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about us in their personal Google reviews:

“I had a sharp turn in my business where I needed to relocate to a different province, with this dynamic and rapid change, ALIGNED Insurance were able to meet and satisfy my business insurance requirements, not only that, the response time and professionalism were excellent. Thanks!!!”

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“I have never been to the location but did business exclusively on line. I had a need for vacant building insurance and I was given the best service I have ever had concerning an insurance agency. Polite, human and helpful! I felt a personal connection and was given choices rather than being steered! I continued with ALIGNED when the need changed and am more than satisfied!”

Read more Google reviews just search for ALIGNED Insurance on Google.


Read more reviews. Search ALIGNED Insurance on Google.

Expertise. It’s why people work with our experienced commercial insurance brokers

Starting up? Blueprint Accounting partners Brian Clare and Sean Duffy are new entrepreneurs. Here’s what they had to say:

Brian shared, “Andrew Clark …exudes confidence…and took the time to answer our questions, advise us on business best practices, and understand who we were as a nascent accounting firm – to offer us a great insurance product. We did our due diligence with other businesses and chose ALIGNED because of the excellent customer service we received before we even signed on.”

ALIGNED Insurance – Who are the best business insurance brokers in Canada?

In good company. Canada’s insurance industry recognizes us!

Awards matter. We’re thrilled our industry peers recognize us! Here are just a few examples of recent awards we’ve won:

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