Who Are The Best Business Insurance Brokers In Canada?

Who Are The Best Business Insurance Brokers In Canada?

The best business insurance brokers in Canada are well-known for delivering exceptional value. There’s lots of choice when it comes to commercial coverage and that’s why the ALIGNED team is proud to deliver 18 unique points of differentiation which are some of the reasons why we’re known as one of the best business insurance brokers in Canada. If you’re wondering who are the best business insurance brokers, read on…

Just a few differentiators that make us among the best business insurance brokers in Canada include:

  • Our 0% Commission / Fee Option. Typically, business insurance brokers write policies on commission. This means that if, and when, insurance costs increase – due to losses, increased sales/assets, increased insurer rates, etc. – so does an average broker’s revenue. Choosing our fee-for-service model means you decide how much we make based on the level of service your organization desires/needs.
  • Tiered Service Levels. Your business has it’s own unique needs and service requirements. We believe that in order to be among the best business insurance brokers in Canada it is important to match each and every client’s specific needs. We offer four distinct service levels which ensures that our clients receive and pay for for the exact level of service they require.
  • Priority Claims Response. Our partnership with WINMAR® ensures that ALIGNED clients receive priority positioning when they experience a loss at any of their locations. This ensures claim costs are minimized and your organization is back up and running as soon as possible. Established in 1977, WINMAR®’s network of 90 locations across Canada provides quality restoration services 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Who Recognizes ALIGNED As One Of The Best Business Insurance Brokers In Canada?

We’re recognized by our industry peers for delivering commercial insurance options that are truly ALIGNED with bottom lines as well as being one of the best business insurance brokers in Canada. Here are just a few examples of recent awards we’ve won:

What’s It Like To Work With The Best Business Insurance Brokers In Canada? Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say…

We asked Blueprint Accounting partners Sean Duffy and Brian Clare why ALIGNED business insurance brokers was their first call when they were starting up their operations.

Brian shared, “Andrew Clark was a guest speaker during my MBA for a Risk Management course. He exudes confidence, is a very knowledgeable professional and took the time to answer our questions, advise us on business best practices, and understand who we were as a nascent accounting firm – to offer us a great insurance product. We did our due diligence with other businesses and chose ALIGNED because of the excellent customer service we received before we even signed on.”

3 Things You Can Expect From ALIGNED Business Insurance Brokers: 

ALIGNED Across Canada  

100% Canadian owned, ALIGNED is a premiere insurance brokerage that serves nearly 1,400 clients across the country. Consistently recognized as one of the best business insurance brokers in Canada, ALIGNED’s offices in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver are supported by a national operations centre in Cambridge, Ontario. Uniquely within the industry, ALIGNED business insurance brokers create, negotiate and deliver the best business insurance and risk management strategies/solutions to organizations like yours.

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