Auto Glass Shop Insurance

Auto Glass Shop Insurance

Glass is dangerous and messy. When you deal with customer vehicles, it’s a delicate process to repair or replace the glass on windshields and doors. Some of your clients may have older or more valuable cars that need special attention to ensure that the vehicle isn’t damaged during the process. Other customers may have car models that are more difficult to repair or replace the glass.

Regardless of the make, model, or age of the vehicle, it’s your job to ensure the cars of your customers are as good as new when they leave your shop. Understandably, sometimes there are accidents and unforeseen events that prevent you from delivering the services you promised.

With auto glass shop insurance from ALIGNED, your shop is protected against lawsuits and claims arising from these unexpected damages.

Why is Auto Glass Shop Insurance Important?

Auto Glass Shop Insurance
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Auto glass shops have different equipment, glass inventory, garages, and other accessories that can cause injury, property, damage, or financial loss to the shop and its customers. Some of the risks include:

  • A client visits your shop and is injured from falling.
  • Your employees damage the car of a client during glass repairs and replacements.
  • You cause property damage or injury to others while moving a customer’s vehicle.

With ALIGNED auto glass shop insurance, you get the protection you need against the potential risks encountered throughout operations.

What Does Auto Glass Shop Insurance Cover?

The amount of types of insurance and coverage you have for your auto glass insurance is dependent on your risk tolerance, budget, services, and more.

Commercial General Liability Insurance – A CGL policy covers losses from claims of bodily injury or property damage because of your services or while a third party is on your premises. It also covers legal costs, compensatory and punitive damages, and medical fees.

Garage Auto Insurance – is a critical coverage for any business that takes the care, custody and/or control of vehicles it does not to provide a service, repair etc.  This is a key coverage for any/all auto glass repair shops and is typically required to be purchased from the same insurer that is providing the commercial general liability insurance.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance – When your equipment breaks because of mechanical or electrical failures, the resulting loss of business income, property damage, repair or replacement costs, and any extra expenses incurred are covered.

Products Liability Insurance – Because you sell auto glass to customers, manufacturing defects, production flaws, product recalls, and other failures can cause damage, bodily injury, or financial loss to the customers.

Commercial Property Insurance – There are risks of damage to your commercial property and equipment. If a fire or theft results in losses and damages to your assets, commercial property insurance can provide compensation for repairs and replacements.

Find the Right Auto Glass Shop Insurance from ALIGNED

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