Security Dog Training Business Insurance

security dog training business insurance

Why is Security Dog Training Business Insurance Important? With more people looking for a companion that can also act as a deterrent to criminals, security companies are no longer the only people looking for trained guard dogs. As you’re well aware, training security dogs comes with the potential for injuries and property damage. Not only […]

Fintech Business Insurance

fintech business insurance

Fintech Business Insurance For fintech companies, being comprehensively insured isn’t a choice. Even if your fintech business isn’t required to carry insurance for licensing and/or regulatory purposes, providers of banking services, money transfers, trading, investments, lending, account information service providers and payment initiation service providers simply can’t afford to be without insurance coverage that addresses […]

Pet Trainer Business Insurance

pet trainer business insurance

Pet Trainer Business Insurance Obedience training, service training and sports and trick training pets can be fulfilling work but it’s not without risk. And because you’re sometimes dealing with “at-risk pets” with behavioural issues, there’s an increased chance that the animals you’re training can cause injuries or property damage. Pet trainer business insurance can help […]

Non-Profit Dog and Animal Club Insurance

non-profit dog and animal club insurance

Your non-profit dog and/or animal club may not be in the business of making money for itself, but your employees, volunteers and the events you organize need to be protected from liability. If your not-for-profit equestrian, kennel, cat or rabbit club hosts shows, races, or agility events to raise money for charity or to cover […]

Insurance for Junk Removal Business

Potential Liability Scenarios for Junk Removal Businesses You provide a valuable service helping your clients get rid of debris, garbage and unwanted items that can’t just be left on the curb. You might even help your clients make donations to charitable organizations. But despite the service you provide, the work you do can result in […]

Pet Boarding Insurance

pet boarding insurance

Pet Boarding Insurance Even for a pet care professional like you, it’s impossible to predict exactly how an animal will react to being separated from its owner and placed in a new environment. Covering you in case of injuries, illnesses, escapes or even death, pet boarding insurance can help protect you and your pet boarding […]

Pam Lecavalier Is Proud To Be An ALIGNED Advocate

About Us | Why Pam Lecavalier is proud to be an ALIGNED Advocate We’re different. That is to say, our exclusive focus on business insurance sets us apart. Certainly, being different is just one of the many reasons why Canadian insurance professionals decide to join the ALIGNED team. Above all, we’re always proud to welcome […]

Insurance for Pet Care Professionals

Insurance for Pet Care Professionals

Insurance for Pet Care Professionals As a pet care professional, you’re entrusted with the health and well-being of a member of the family. From runaway pets to injuries or even death, a lot can happen in a split second when it comes to our furry friends. Whether you’re a single pet care professional or have […]

Clothing Manufacturer Insurance

clothing manufacturer insurance

Whether you’re a knitting mill, cut and sew clothing manufacturer or your organization manufactures clothing accessories or component materials, textiles and fabrics, you’re part of an industry that provides valuable products and services and therefore faces several risks. From product liability and negative publicity to supply chain management and day-to-day manufacturing operations, a simple mistake […]

Fishing Charter Insurance

fishing charter insurance

Whether your fishing charter offers fishing guides, sport fishing charters, site seeing, eco-tourism, day or overnight cruises, you’ve invested your livelihood in your crew, charter vessels, gear and everything else that makes your fishing charter business operations more than just a job. Don’t leave yourself high and dry by not having the right fishing charter […]

E-news | Resilience

ALIGNED Insurance - ALIGNMENT Matters - issue #48 Resilience

ALIGNMENT Matters | insurance insights & news Once just a fun movie, Groundhog Day is now the day-to-day reality we’re all living in and working through. Which is why the key lesson that Bill Murray’s character learns continues to resonate. It’s about the power of resilience. The ability to look at the same situation with fresh perspectives and ultimately, change the outcome. […]

Shipyard Insurance Coverage Info | ALIGNED Insurance

shipyard insurance

What Are The Typical Shipyard Liability Risks You Should Prepare For? A lot can happen between design, build, sea trials and delivery. In a shipyard, losses and legal liability can happen in the blink of an eye or result from something gone unnoticed until it’s too late. A few examples include: A collision occurs between […]

Commercial Surety Bond

commercial surety bond

Commercial Surety Bond In a nutshell, a commercial surety bond is a guarantee that one person is going to fulfill their duty to another person and that guarantee is made by a third party who puts their own money up as collateral in case the promise isn’t kept. Of course, it’s a little more complicated […]

Boat Dealer Insurance

boat dealer insurance

Boat Dealer Insurance If you operate a boat dealership that sells new or used boats; repairs and maintains boats for clients or rents watercraft, our boat dealer insurance plans can keep liability and property damage from sinking your business. Business Risks and Potential Liability Facing Boat Dealers Examples of potential loss and liability scenarios facing […]

Contractor Surety Bond

contractor surety bond

What is a contractor surety bond? The short answer is that it’s an “insurance” safety product that guarantees to someone who has a construction project that the contractor they hire to complete the project, will actually complete the project, complete it within an agreed time frame, and complete it to the specifications in the agreement. […]