Fishing Charter Insurance

Whether your fishing charter offers fishing guides, sport fishing charters, site seeing, eco-tourism, day or overnight cruises, you’ve invested your livelihood in your crew, charter vessels, gear and everything else that makes your fishing charter business operations more than just a job. Don’t leave yourself high and dry by not having the right fishing charter insurance coverage or by overpaying for coverage you don’t need. Our fishing charter insurance policies are made to scale, giving you exactly the coverage you need so you can concentrate on being the best fishing experience in the game.

Fishing Charter Insurance Coverages – How Do They Protect You?

What are the Insurance Types You Should Consider for Your Fishing Charter?

Commercial General Liability Insurance 

This is a standard coverage for businesses and it’s important for all travel and tourism companies. CGL insurance covers your fishing charter from claims of personal injuries that happen on land. Something as simple as a floor being mopped with too much water can cause serious injuries and lead to an expensive and frustrating lawsuit. If that happens, your CGL policy could provide you with coverage to defend the lawsuit.

What does the CGL policy cover in a Fishing Charter lawsuit?

  • Lawyer’s fees
  • Defense costs
  • Out-of-court settlements
  • Awards for damages

General liability insurance policy can also cover you for lawsuits claiming property damage not involving boats or installations, false advertising and libel/slander.

Protection and Indemnity 

This is a must for all fishing charters. P&I insurance can be the lifeline your charter needs if one of your vessels is involved in a collision that results in bodily injury, death or property damage to third parties e.g. a fixed installation like a dock or a pier.

Hull & Machinery Insurance 

For all other collisions in the water where damage is done to your charter boats, vessels and other types of watercraft, Hull & Machinery boat insurance coverage includes the cost to repair damage and remove wreckage from the water if necessary, while also covering you for potential legal liability for damage.

Commercial Property Insurance 

From windstorms to lightning strikes to fires and vandalism, bad weather and other perils can cause serious damage to commercial fishing vessels and, without a good property insurance policy, these events can sink everything you’ve worked so hard to build with time.

Interruption Business Insurance 

If your fishing charter is unfortunate enough to experience a peril that causes you to have to close temporarily, Business Interruption insurance can cover your expenses until you can begin chartering again.

Liquor Passenger Liability Insurance 

If your fishing charter serves alcohol, you may be found legally liable for the actions of an intoxicated guest, even after they’ve left your fishing charter. Liquor liability coverage can protect your legal liability in such cases.

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From Ship to Shore, Our Fishing Charter Insurance Packages Can Buoy Your Charter Over Troubled Waters.

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