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Insights into Canadian engineering firm risks & insurance

100 years of engineering Canadian dreams. This is what engineers in Canada are known for. Creating solid foundations for individuals and businesses alike to grow and flourish.

Here’s what Engineers Canada has to say about the contributions of Canadian engineers over the past century:

“2020 marks 100 years since the first six provincial engineering regulators were established in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia. Though centennial celebrations may look a bit different than originally planned given the COVID-19 pandemic, engineering regulators are still celebrating 100 years of engineering regulation through social media, videos, contests, virtual events, and a look back at the history of engineering.”

One of five featured on Engineers Canada, the video below was created by APEGA and is part of Alberta engineers’ 100 years of engineering and geoscience stories collection.3

2 Celebrating 100 years of engineering in Canada

Each and every day Canadian engineers manage risks. In fact, risk management is at the core of what engineering firms have delivered to Canadian businesses for more than 100 years.

As Engineers Canada notes that some of the 10 core purposes of Canadian engineers are to address risk.

For example:

  • “Providing services and tools that enable the assessment of engineering qualifications, foster excellence in engineering practice and regulation, and facilitate mobility of practitioners within Canada.”4
  • “Actively monitoring, researching, and advising on changes and advances that impact the Canadian regulatory environment and the engineering profession.”5
  • “Managing risks and opportunities associated with mobility of work and practitioners internationally.”6
  • “Protecting any word(s), mark, design, slogan, or logo, or any literary, or other work, as the case may be, pertaining to the engineering profession or to its objects.”7

Working for an engineering firm or working as an independent engineer, risk management is always top of mind. And that’s likely what led you to find this page.

ALIGNED’s experienced insurance brokers across Canada share the passion you have for your profession as well as a deep commitment to continuing education. In fact, there are 18 specific reasons why Canadians choose to work with us.

Above all, one of the most important reasons is our exclusive focus on business insurance products and services. Unlike other insurance brokers who provide general services for personal home and auto and sometimes business, we are 100% focused on commercial insurance.

So this means that each one of our insurance brokers have deep and strong relationships with Canada’s top insurance companies. And we know the marketplace. We can deliver engineering firm insurance options that fit the specific needs of your business. And we can deliver choice as well as value.

Keep reading to learn more about how choosing to work with an ALIGNED broker can deliver unprecedented insights into specific engineering insurance products.

Your Guide to Engineers Canada Insurance - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

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Your Guide | Specific coverages designed for Canadian engineering firms

Risk is inevitable. And when you work with the complexities of engineering, you know that even the smallest mistake can put your firm at significant risk of a lawsuit.

To deliver choice, value and meet specialized needs, we work with many top insurance companies in Canada. One of those companies is Burns & Wilcox.

Their proprietary coverage for the construction industry is well-known for the comprehensive support it provides to architects and engineers in Canada.

For example:

“Lawsuits arising out of the design build industry are increasing and depending on the error or omission can bankrupt a company unless the proper insurance policy is in place. Design errors, contract language, sustainability, negligence, breach of contract, pollution, personal injury, and subcontractor errors amongst others all play a role in shaping the risks facing businesses in this sector”8 Architects and Engineers

In response to the threat of lawsuits and more, Burns & Wilcox delivers specific products that respond to the needs of engineers and engineering firms.

For instance:

  • Errors & Omissions Coverage 
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Contingent Pollution Coverage available 
  • Contingent Bodily Injury and Property Damage
  • General Liability Package for Some Classes 
  • Personal Injury Included 
  • Independent Contractor Coverage9

And most importantly, they build solutions for many types of engineering professionals. For example: Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical and Structural Engineers and HVAC/Plumbing professionals. As a result, the Burns & Wilcox solutions for engineers and engineering firms are unique and highly well-regarded within the Canadian marketplace.

Therefore, if you are looking for insurance solutions for your engineering firm, we are here to help. We understand the marketplace and can get you connected with the best available solutions for your business.

Across Canada, our experienced insurance brokers are experts at aligning value and choice for our thousands of clients.

Contact us now to learn more about insurance for engineers and engineering firms.

In conclusion, aligning engineering firm insurance can be simple with our experts

Working in an industry with 100+ years of proud history means that you are part of something bigger than yourself. We understand this. Above all, we understand what it takes to continue to innovate as part of an organization and industry with long histories

That is to say, the history of ALIGNED dates back more than 100 years. Three well-established brokerage firms (with roots going back to 1912) came together in 1998 to found Precept Insurance & Risk Management. 

After that, in 2014, our President and CEO Andrew Clark founded ALIGNED Insurance. 

Uniquely within the industry, ALIGNED Advocates create, negotiate and deliver the best commercial products, services and insurance solutions for businesses. 

As a result, we are proud to align with our past, present and future as insurance brokers Canada.

In addition to our national operations centre in Cambridge, Ontario, we support commercial insurance clients through Toronto, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, BC.

So suffice it to say, we are proud to be 100% Canadian owned. And we’re also proud to be a premiere insurance brokerage that currently serves thousands clients across this country. 

In conclusion, we believe that aligning insurance experts to business needs is one of the most important things an insurance broker can do to support their clients.

We invite you to contact us now and learn more about insurance for your engineering firm in Canada.

Your Guide to Engineers Canada Insurance - ALIGNED Insurance brokers

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