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Reiki Practitioner Insurance

reiki practitioner insurance
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As a reiki practitioner, you get the luxury of being able to say that helping people is your day job. On any given day, your patients could be dealing with pain, anxiety, or even sleep-related problems. 

While I know reiki for being non-invasive, there are still risks involved with running and operating a reiki practice. The last thing you want during a worst-case scenario is to be financially unprepared.

You can protect your practice and your livelihood by taking out a reiki liability insurance policy.

3 Types of Insurance That Reiki Practitioners May Benefit From

reiki practitioner insurance
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1. Professional Liability Insurance

Although reiki healing is all about helping the body heal itself, you never know when a professional misstep will have serious consequences. 

You could advise a patient to do some standard stretches that end up causing an injury. Or perhaps, after an extended session that was extended on your advice, a client could come back and claim that the treatment made their anxiety worse. 

If you’re facing claims of negligence or malpractice, professional liability insurance coverage protection can help you cover your costs.

2. Commercial General Liability Insurance

Even when you’re trying your best, accidents can still happen. If your table collapsed while a patient was on it, or if someone were to trip and fall while entering your session room, you could be named in a personal injury lawsuit.

Commercial general liability insurance covers situations where a third party, like a client, suffers bodily injury or property damage. If you’re ever in this type of situation, this policy may be able to cover judgement and legal defense fees.

3. Commercial Property Insurance

As a reiki practitioner, you probably have some equipment and accessories that you routinely use during your sessions. Maybe you have a sound system that plays music during your treatment sessions. Maybe you have a massage table and a sizable set of crystals.

If a fire were to break out or if a pipe were to burst, odds are good that purchasing all of those pieces out of pocket would be a source of some financial strain. With commercial property insurance providers coverage (reiki insurance), it’s possible to get compensation if your professional equipment is ever damaged.

Here’s Why You Should Work With a Broker for Your Reiki Liability Insurance Needs

When you have an experienced insurance broker working with you to insure your reiki practice, you get the peace of mind of working with a professional who can assess your needs and recommend policies accordingly.

To that end, your ALIGNED insurance broker will work hard to ensure that your practice is protected financially in the event of a disaster. Contact us for your FREE reiki practitioner insurance quote today.

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