Music School Insurance

Music School Insurance

As the owner and operator of a music school, you have turned your passion for music into a career by sharing it with students. Your music school may include dance and music so that students can learn a wide variety of skills. The study of music, be it classical, jazz, rock, soul, or hip-hop, involves more than just learning to play an instrument as well. You might offer classes on musical history, composition, theory, or even conducting. There’s so much to learn and to specialize in as part of this field, and never a shortage of students. 

Music School Insurance
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Likely you are caught up in the running of your music school and possibly even teaching classes yourself. You probably aren’t spending much time worrying about what could go wrong – you’re too busy! However,  ensuring your music school carries the proper insurance coverage so that you can protect your investment if something does go wrong is important and the business insurance experts at ALIGNED Insurance are here to help. Few music schools could survive a large liability claim without the right insurance so it’s important to protect your business so you can keep doing what you love! 

The appropriate insurance coverage for your Music School

The specifics of your music school insurance package depend on the unique attributes of your business, such as the size of your cohort of students, whether you host onsite events or recitals, whether you own or rent the building that houses your music school. 

Some coverages are standard for any music school and in addition to those you may want to add others to your insurance program. Common music school insurance coverages include: 

Commercial General Liability Insurance – this coverage protects you in the event of third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage happening as a result of your music school’s activities and/or operations. 

Property Insurance – this insurance covers the physical building your music school is in (if you own it), as well as the contents related to your business, including leasehold improvements, instruments and accessories, furniture, etc. 

Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance – if your music school has a board of directors, this coverage is essential to protect them from alleged wrongful acts related to their fiduciary responsibilities as board members. 

Commercial Auto Insurance – your music school may be involved in transporting students to and from your institution or just using a company vehicle to pickup supplies, advertise your music school etc. Either way you should definitely be considering a Small Business Commercial Auto component to your policy.

Crime Insurance – because you keep a variety of expensive instruments onsite at your music school, you also may wish to consider crime insurance to guard against both employee and third-party theft. 

What are some possible incidents when y Music School would require insurance coverage? 

1. A major winter storm over the Christmas holidays causes the pipes to freeze at your music school and need to be replaced. 

2. One of your students is injured by a faulty classroom door swinging and hitting them in the face. 

3. Water damage due to a clogged toiler destroys to several  expensive instruments in the storage room.  

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