Confectionary Store Insurance

A confectionary store is a favourite of children everywhere (and many adults too!). Your candy store visit might be a weekly ritual or a special treat for kids or families while on vacation or in the area. Perhaps you sell more items in addition to confectionary products, including party supplies or novelty items. Regardless of the exact makeup of your candy, fudge, chocolate and/or ice cream counters, you can rest assured that your business is well-loved by your loyal customers. 

But the very nature of your business means there are inherent risks involved in your operation. Small items, consumables, some of which may include nuts to which many people are allergic, can be hazardous to customers of all ages. Added to that are the everyday risks involved in running a business that welcomes the public on a daily basis. 

Confectionary Store Insurance
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Confectionary Store Insurance Is Necessary 

To ensure that your business, and your investment, are protected, you should consider a few key insurance options to include as part of your coverage. 

The most essential coverage for any small business that is open to the general public is Commercial General Liability insurance. This is to protect you from the risk of having people on your premises that may injure themselves or their own property while there. There is a possibility that having children on your property increases these risks. The typical commercial general liability policy should also include Product Liability Insurancewhich protects you if a customer suffers medical issues after eating consuming one of your products or injures themselves on the packaging, this coverage becomes vital to cover any costs arising from incidents. 

Property Insurance protects you from potential threats to your physical store location, including extreme weather, fire, theft and vandalism. 

In the event of a serious mishap at your business, Umbrella Liability coverage will continue to protect your business after regular liability limits are reached. 

You may wish to add Employee Theft coverage if this poses a threat to your particular business, as well as Commercial Auto Insurance if you do any deliveries through your Confectionary Store. 

When Does Confectionary Store Insurance Become Essential?

There are many reasons insurance is necessary for Confectionary Store owners including, but not limited the following: 

  • A child pops an item from a bulk bin into his mouth while in your store and starts choking. The child is falls and breaks a leg during the incident and his parents blame you and your product for the mishap. 
  • One of your products causes several customers to become ill due to spoilage and they seek damages from you. 
  • Some ice cream is spilled on your floor, causing a customer to slip and fall. 
  • Sewer backup damages leasehold improvements and inventory .

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