Food Bank Insurance

There are over 700 food banks and 3,000 food programs available across Canada. As a major player in the food aid industry, food banks operate on a huge network of volunteers, employees, donors, property, and more. While food banks are busy thinking about how they can help build a well-fed, stable, and self-reliant community, we are thinking about whether they have the right insurance policy to protect themselves.

Any operation comes with an element of risk, and when your mission is to eradicate hunger and provide support to people who cannot afford food, we want to help you protect that mission.

At ALIGNED, food banks across Canada can be equipped with food bank insurance to protect themselves against third-party claims and liability.

Why is Food Bank Insurance Important?

Food Bank Insurance
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Food banks rely on a lot of people and equipment to get the food and essential supplies from the hands of the donors to the mouths of the people they help. Throughout the process, some risks benefit from insurance protection.

  • A new van was added to the fleet of vehicles, and the car hit a pole while making a delivery of food items.
  • A power failure damages the cooling capacity of the refrigerators and freezers and spoils all the food inside, which you have to discard.
  • Customers or volunteers that come onto your premises are injured due to a slip & fall.
  • The food you provide for individuals is spoiled, contaminated, or contains allergens that cause someone to be sick and they bring a lawsuit against the food bank.

Having food bank insurance ensures that your organization is protected against these risks and can operate with confidence.

What Does Food Bank Insurance Include?

Commercial General Liability Insurance – also called CGL insurance, provides coverage for injuries, bodily harm, and property damages occurring to a third party during your business operations. For example, if a customer slips and falls, you are covered for lawsuits, losses, and medical expenses. The typical food bank commercial general liability policy would also include product liability coverage.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance – there might be damage to your electrical and refrigeration equipment used to operate your food bank. If your machinery breaks down and needs to be repaired or causes the products you deliver to be damaged, equipment breakdown insurance can cover physical damage to your equipment.

Commercial Property Insurance – protects your assets against damage in the event of a fire, vandalism, flood, or other natural accident beyond your control.

Commercial Auto Insurance – covers medical, property damage, loss of income, disability benefits, and more if you are involved in a collision while making a delivery or en route to a client.

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