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For education and daycare facilities that work with children, being insured is not optional. Our education and daycare insurance packages can protect those children under your care, their parents, your staff, and your organization.

What Are Some Common Coverages Included in Education and Daycare Insurance Packages?

Education and Daycare Insurance
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Our education and daycare insurance packages are customized to meet each of our clients’ specific risk-management needs. Basic education and daycare insurance coverages generally include:

Commercial General Liability Insurance – CGL insurance can cover liability for injuries, medical expenses, and property damage costs if a child or third party is injured at your daycare or educational facility or if you are liable for property damage.

CGL insurance can also cover your daycare and educational service for lawyer’s fees, defence costs, settlements, and judgements for lawsuits alleging personal injuries, property damage, false advertising, and libel or slander. 

Commercial general liability insurance for education and daycare facilities also often includes additional Abuse Liability coverage, which can cover legal expenses, awards, and settlements for suits alleging liability or negligence in sexual, physical, and emotional abuse cases. 

Whether you own or lease the location used for your educational/daycare institution or operate from your home, covering the structures and/or the contents inside them such as computers, desks, office furniture & equipment, toys, jungle gyms, swing sets, etc., in case of perils such as fires, floods, windstorms, sewage backup, vandalism, and others can help you avoid a financial disaster. 

This means some level of Property Insurance. Depending on the size of your operations, you may also need to include extensions for Business Interruption coverage that can cover your expenses if a peril forces your daycare centre or educational facility to close for repairs and/or Extra Expense Insurance that can cover the costs of setting up a temporary location if you suffer an insured peril.

Similarly, Boiler & Machinery / Equipment Breakdown Insurance can cover losses due to perils not covered in a Property insurance policy such as power outages and electrical arcing that affect heating systems, electrical panels, compressors, and other machinery and equipment.

In our experience, education and daycare institutions can benefit from Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance if a current or former staff member alleges that they were wrongfully terminated, harassed, or otherwise the victim of employment-based wrongful acts.

Finally, if your daycare or school owns vehicles, you will need Commercial Auto Insurance / Commercial Vehicle Insurance for vehicles used for business purposes.

How Much is Daycare Insurance in Ontario?

It depends on the size of your daycare, how many children and employees you have and the types of coverage and coverage limits you need. Generally, business insurance for daycare facilities ranges from $450 to over $1500, depending on if you operate an in-home childcare business or a commercial daycare. The deductibles you choose for your insurance policy plan also determine how much your insurance premiums cost. If you want to have a higher insurance deductible, then your overall insurance premium will be lower.

Is Daycare Considered a Liability?

Once the daycare facility takes a child into their care, the facility usually has a legal duty to provide a safe environment and take responsibility for the child during their supervision. Therefore, the daycare generally assumes liability for anything that happens. They also assume liability for ensuring the well-being of the child. If there are injuries, accidents, or any acts of misconduct and negligence, the daycare facility generally is held responsible, and parents or legal guardians can have the right to sue.

What Will You Do When There is an Injury or Accident in Childcare?

When operating a daycare facility, there is a duty owed to the child to care for them responsibly and safely. Daycare agreements usually have a liability clause for accidents and injuries. There is also usually a waiver or release form indicating daycare facilities are allowed to provide emergency medical care in the event of an accident or injury. Although the parent or legal guardian assumes full responsibility for all risks of accidents and injuries while in the care of the daycare facility, the daycare facility is responsible for providing compensation in the case of accidents or injuries.

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