Dog Walkers Insurance

Dog Walkers Insurance

Buying insurance may be something that you’ve never considered or ever thought you’d need as a dog walker. But there are serious risks that come with caring for animals. You might feel you know the dogs in your care but animals, and especially dogs, are unpredictable and can flip in an instant. From disobedience to outright aggression, an incident that takes a fraction of a second could lead to expensive medical bills, property damage and even a lawsuit.  

Whether you run a dog walking business with multiple employees or walk dogs as a side hustle, a dog walker’s insurance plan can cover the dogs in your care for emergency medical expenses and protect you from legal liability. It’s also more affordable than you might think. Now ask yourself this question: if you had the choice between leaving your dog with a walker that is insured or one that’s uninsured, which would you choose?

How Can Dog Walker’s Insurance Protect You?

Consider the following scenarios:

  • While out walking one of your dogs, a jogger comes towards you. Feeling threatened, the dog attacks the jogger.
  • A dog you’ve just started walking gets away from you, runs away and you are unable to find him.
  • Out of the blue, two dogs in your dog walking pack are suddenly at each other’s throats and one is seriously injured.
  • While bending over to scoop up after one of your dogs, someone walking their own dog happens by and their dog attacks one of your dogs, resulting in an emergency trip to the vet and an expensive medical bill. 
  • As you’re walking your dogs, one gets loose and runs out into the street, causing a car to swerve and hit another vehicle or worse, your dog is hit and is seriously wounded or, sadly, is killed. 

Dog walker’s insurance can cover expenses such as emergency medical expenses like vet bills, medical expenses for injuries to third parties and property damage whether due to animals or natural disasters (with property insurance, see below). If you’re served with a lawsuit, dog walker’s insurance can also help protect you by covering:

  • Lawyer’s fees and the legal costs 
  • Out-of-court settlements
  • Awards for damages

It’s important to remember that a disgruntled client can file a lawsuit against you even if you’ve done nothing wrong. The costs to defend a lawsuit and your professional reputation can put you out of business if you aren’t protected with insurance coverage for dog walkers.

What’s Covered by Dog Walker’s Insurance?

dog walkers insurance
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Our dog walker’s insurance coverages are customized for your specific dog walking business. These are a few of the coverages that can be included as part of your dog walker’s insurance package:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

  • This is the core policy needed by dog walkers as it can cover medical expenses, vet fees and property damage costs. It also includes legal liability coverage for lawsuits claiming personal injury, property damage, false advertising and libel or slander.

Property Insurance

  • Covers your place of business (including areas of your home used for business purposes) from perils such as fires, floods, vandalism and more.

Tenant Legal Liability Insurance

  • If you lease a commercial space, this policy can cover damage caused to your unit and others that you are legally responsible for.

Commercial Auto Insurance 

  • If you have a vehicle(s) used for your dog walking business, you need a commercial policy.

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Trust ALIGNED and Make Your Walks Worry-Free

When you choose ALIGNED, you get commercial insurance specialists who know exactly how much coverage your dog walking business needs. We work with Canada’s top insurance companies to get you comprehensive dog walker’s insurance at rates you can afford. Contact us if you have questions about the right dog walker’s insurance plan for you.

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