ALIGNMENT Matters Issue 29 | reALIGNMENT

ALIGNMENT Matters issue 29 | reALIGNMENT

There’s something about September that makes me think about reALIGNMENT. For most people it’s a time for realigning schedules to get back to “the routine.”  Although there is a certain comfort that comes with “the routine,” the fall can also be a great time to use the energy and reserves that built up over the summer to drive results, grow and create change!

Here at ALIGNED, thanks to the overwhelming support we received from many of you, we’ve experienced unprecedented organic growth since we asked for your help, with referrals and introductions in our last newsletter. We are incredibly encouraged by the opportunities and season ahead as our fiercely independent, 100% Canadian, owner run, entrepreneurial organization with a unique value proposition is a great choice for any individual, business or organization seeking business/commercial insurance!  We also want to share that we don’t take the growth we’ve experienced and your support for granted – we continue to deliver an excellent insurance experience while staying true to our values.  However, in the spirit of reALIGNMENT, we’re also innovating so we can continue to lead within the Canadian insurance industry.

Below are some of the exciting things we’ve been focused on:

1. You can now get professional liability insurance and DAS business legal expense insurance online through ALIGNED!

2. Build and finance your small business with Lendified and ALIGNED Insurance

3. Manage your cannabis company risks with ALIGNED

4. Find private equity management liability coverage today

5. We need more great people to join our team! We’re actively recruiting for a number of positions and we’d love to hear from anyone interested in joining us as an Advocate (e.g. account manager or producer) or Assistant Advocate.

As always, thanks for being part of the ALIGNED story, reading this and sharing our journey to deliver the best business insurance products & services!


Andrew Clark, MBA, CAIB, RF, FCIP, RPLU
President & CEO
ALIGNED Insurance Inc.

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ALIGNMENT Matters issue 29

  • [ALIGNMENT IN PROFILE] Looking for a small business loan? The life of a business owner is full of surprises. Some days you may land a big contract or learn about a new space that would be perfect for your business. Other days you may scramble to fix a piece of equipment or be forced to deal with a cyber-attack. As a business owner, you should be able to quickly take advantage of unexpected opportunities while minimizing your risk of exposure…READ MORE
  • [FEATURE] Where can I get insurance for a cannabis company? is something a lot of people are asking and thankfully ALIGNED Insurance is the answer! As an insurance brokerage that specializes in business and commercial risks, we work with numerous insurers who write insurance for all sorts of cannabis companies in Canada including licensed producers & marijuana retailers, cannabis company IPO and…READ MORE
  • [NOW ONLINE] Online Professional Liability Insurance for a business consultant in Canada?Time is of the essence and if you’re googling for online professional liability insurance for a business consultant in Canada we’ve created a solution for you. Whether you are a solo-entrepreneur, running a small business or leading a larger team of business consultant professionals, you recognize that best solution is often the one that puts the fewest hurdles in your path. This is why, from the ground up, we’ve built a mobile-friendly app…READ MORE
  • [#getALIGNED] Where can I get Private Equity Management Liability business insurance? Taking a calculated risk is what venture capitalists do – that’s why understanding risks and potential rewards – including finding the best coverage is important. Leaders involved in venture investing and private equity management intuitively recognize that liability coverage plays a critical role in safeguarding their organization’s directors, officers and C-suite members – and with personal assets potentially at risk – getting…READ MORE
  • [Click To Get A Quote] It’s fast, free, easy & quick to get a quote from one of many licensed insurance brokers. Our online quoting portal makes it simple to get your quote started…READ MORE

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