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Where Can I Get Insurance For A Cannabis Company In Canada?

Where can I get insurance for a cannabis company in Canada? is something a lot of people are asking and thankfully ALIGNED Insurance is the answer!

ALIGNED Insurance is an insurance brokerage that specializes in business and commercial risks and we work with numerous insurers who write insurance for all sorts of cannabis companies in Canada including:

  • Insurance for licensed producers
  • Insurance for licensed marijuana retailers
  • Insurance for a cannabis company IPO
  • Insurance for a cannabis company RTO
  • Insurance for landlords with tenants growing marijuana
  • Insurance for designated growers using commercial buildings
  • Insurance for people growing for personal use under personal prescription in commercial buildings
  • Insurance for companies supplying products, materials & services to licensed producers and other Cannabis industry companies.
  • Insurance for cannabis industry consultants including growing, marketing, production etc.
  • Insurance for cannabis delivery services
  • Insurance for  Head Shops

Regardless of what your business is, if you are asking “where can I get insurance for a cannabis company in Canada?” or your business involves cannabis in anyway, it’s important to work with insurance brokers like ALIGNED Insurance who have experience and expertise in working with people and organizations in the Cannabis industry.  Whether you want or need directors and officers insurance for an upcoming IPO or RTO, property insurance because your insurer cancelled coverage after they found out your tenant was growing marijuana or you are or working towards becoming a licensed producer or retailer we can help with all your property and  liability insurance needs.

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