How Do I Get A Business Insurance Quote In Canada?

How Do I Get A Business Insurance Quote In Canada?

How do I get a business insurance quote in Canada? is something many business owners ask when they are starting a business for the first time or are tired of the same old experience their broker offers.  Most people who are searching “how do I get a business insurance quote in Canada?” are keen to explore options and potentially change business insurance brokers and/or business insurance companies and there certainly are many people who would be happy to get you a business insurance quote.  However, despite “how do I get a business insurance quote in Canada?” being a fair question to ask, at ALIGNED Insurance we encourage people to ask “how do I get the best business insurance quote in Canada?” as those are two very different answers!

Things To Consider When Getting A Business Insurance Quote In Canada

  • Who you buy insurance from matters. Not all insurance brokers and brokerages are created equal or are the same and most specialize in personal lines insurance or sales, but rarely is an insurance brokerage full of technical commercial insurance experts and even less likely does that Canadian insurance brokerage specialize in commercial insurance like the insurance brokers at ALIGNED Insurance.
  • You’ll need to provide some information on your business or business plan – insurance is underwritten by employees of insurance companies based on a all sorts of information most of which is only known by the person applying for insurance.  Be prepared to share your annual revenue, replacement cost value of any physical assets, details on your operations, experience of key staff etc. and occasionally and unfortunately an application needs to be completed as insurers still require objective information and a physical signature in some cases to warrant things around claims.
  • If it’s too good to be true it likely is – there are countless places, things, websites, bots, amphibians,  people trying to sell insurance, but there is a risk to quick and easy insurance as often the  information the insured needs to know about the risks facing their business are glossed over or skipped all together leaving the consumer uninformed and possibly with a product that isn’t a fit.

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