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Why Organizations Choose ALIGNED Insurance [ALIGNMENT IN PROFILE] With Maigus Organizational Development Specialists

We take great pride in the fact that so many organizations choose ALIGNED Insurance to partner with for all of their insurance and risk management needs. As part of our ongoing series about “Why organizations choose ALIGNED Insurance” we are proud to profile Maigus Organizational Development Specialists  and the work they do.

Maigus Managing Partner Terri Duguay Talks To Us About Why Maigus Chooses ALIGNED Insurance

Terri Duguay is a managing partner with Maigus, a Canadian organization that has assisted thousands of people and teams as they face change and disruption. With more than two decades of experience as an organizational development professional, keynote speaker and consultant, Terri works with financial services, retail, not-for-profit and professional services firms to help their teams become more resilient and productive. Terri also serves as a board member of the Toronto Organizational Design Network (TODN) and is an activator with SheEO, a leading global innovation in the female entrepreneur workplace.

How Does Maigus Help Canadian Business? Organizations Choose ALIGNED Insurance 

When asked about what Maigus does to help Canadian business, Terri shared: “We strengthen the resilience of leaders and teams to help them navigate change more effectively. Our programs equip leaders and teams with the tools to better navigate change and disruption by developing measurable and sustainable resilience. With the help of light touch, interactive technology, we follow their progress – guaranteeing a better ROI on development investment and more successful change outcomes.”

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How Does Maigus Help People Deal With Change In The Workplace? Organizations Choose ALIGNED Insurance

Helping individuals and teams strengthen their resilience is at the heart of what Maigus does for Canadian business. Maigus provides coaching services to Canadian entrepreneurs who are looking for help managing stress, so that they don’t become immobilized or overwhelmed by today’s demanding workplace.

Terri is focused on helping people deal with change in the workplace and shares, “I am passionate about bringing the knowledge and tools for strengthening resilience to individuals and organizations. Organizational change, disruption and stress is here to stay. The new normal is constant change and the best recourse we have is to strengthen our personal resilience. This is what allows us to absorb more change, bounce back faster and to benefit from the many opportunities that are inherent in change.”

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Maigus participants complete a detailed profile that helps them understand their personal response to change in the workplace. After attending Maigus workshops and coaching sessions, each participant commits to making behavourial and/or mindset changes for 30 days.

Organizations Choose ALIGNED Insurance – Why Do You Recommend ALIGNED Insurance To Others?

Terri was originally referred to ALIGNED Insurance by her personal financial planner. When asked what she thinks makes ALIGNED so successful, she noted, “I am impressed with ALIGNED’s interest in their clients. I think ALIGNED CEO president Andrew Clark  brings a very human aspect to the business of insurance. I am also impressed with their customer service and pleased with the policy that was available to me – as I’m sure many are who work with ALIGNED Insurance Brokers.”

Right from the start, ALIGNED provided to be a different kind of insurance brokerage that delivered more value to Maigus. In fact, Terri advised that: “ALIGNED conducted an exhaustive search for the right policy. Andrew and his team worked to meet my requirements and provide me with the best options. It is important to know I have the coverage – should I need it. As an entrepreneur, I don’t have time to do the leg work around this – regardless of how important it is – and, for this reason, I work with the experts at ALIGNED Insurance.”Why Organizations Choose ALIGNED Insurance | Maigus Organizational Development SpecialistsHow To Contact Maigus Organizational Development Specialists

Since 2007, Maigus has globally assisted thousands of people and teams to successfully become more resilient and productive when facing change and disruption. To learn more, you can visit maigus.com or contact partner Terri Duguay at tduguay@maigus.com.

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