Medical Clinic Insurance

Medical Clinic Insurance From walk-ins to community health centres to specialized healthcare, your medical clinic provides an essential service and faces a high degree of liability risk. Whether founded or baseless, claims of patient misdiagnoses, failing to act on laboratory results and personal injury can have a major impact on your practice and might be […]

Understanding What’s Covered Under Student Housing Insurance

Understanding What’s Covered Under Student Housing Insurance Despite the risks that go along with renting out an income property to university, college or other students, off-campus, privately-owned student rentals are still a popular investment. That’s because with proper risk management such as regular maintenance and monitoring, professionally-written lease agreements, diligent background checking and, of course, […]

What to Expect: Home Automation Company Insurance

Your work as a home automation company makes your clients’ homes safer, streamlined and more efficient. Which means that the work you do on people’s homes and in them leaves you open to the possibility of client injuries and property damage. Make sure you’re protected with home automation company insurance. Statistics and Trends in the […]

Fire Protection Contractor Liability Insurance

Fire Protection Contractor Liability Insurance Your potentially life-saving work as a fire protection contracting company is depended on by occupants of warehouses, manufacturing plants, office buildings, hospitals and residential homes and apartment buildings to name just a few. Even for fire protection contractors who work as consultants, there is simply too much at stake not […]

Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler System Installation Insurance

Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler System Installation Insurance You and your team may be able to move the earth, but you’re still human and can make mistakes. Get ALIGNED with lawn irrigation sprinkler system installation insurance customized to meet your protection needs. Potential Liability Scenarios for Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler System Installers Digging trenches, using heavy equipment, connecting […]

More 5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers of Canada

More 5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers of Canada

More 5 star reviews for ALIGNED Insurance brokers of Canada 5 stars. Five star reviews on Google have quickly become the gold standard for customer feedback in our online world. And this is just one reason why we’re proud to share some of the newest reviews ALIGNED Insurance clients across Canada are posting online. Firstly, […]

Hockey Arena Insurance

Arena Insurance

Why is Arena Insurance Important?  Many hazards are associated with operating an arena, making Arena Insurance vital to protect owners from large claims. Those skating, playing hockey, watching games, or attending events at an arena can potentially suffer injury and sometimes death from using these facilities. The proper Commercial General Liability Insurance protects owners against […]

Risk Management With Home Based Business Insurance In Canada

Home-Based Business Insurance

Kids, cats & clients | Risk Management 101 for Canadian home based businesses So you’re about to launch a home-based business – congratulations! Or maybe you are expanding your business to include a home office – that’s awesome! Whether you are running a new or existing home-based business, you may not be aware of all […]

Agricultural Consultant Insurance

Why Do Agricultural Consultants Need Insurance? Agricultural consultants are expected to be agriculturalists, veterinarians, economics experts and counsellors – all on the same day. Agricultural consultant insurance can protect your income from the risks that come with helping farmers earn theirs. Liability Protection for Agricultural Consultants  As an agricultural specialist, your clients rely on your […]

Publishing Company Insurance

Publishing Company Insurance Publishers of both traditional printed materials and online media face similar risks. Publishing professionals live under the scrutiny of the public eye and the information you publish has an impact on those it reaches. That type of exposure exposes your publishing company to significant liability risks. That is why you need reliable insurance […]

Health and Safety Consultant Insurance

What Risks Can Health and Safety Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover? Whether you’re a health and safety generalist, a specialist in a specific area, a one-person consultancy or a team of health and safety experts, like you, ALIGNED listens, assesses and recommends the right health and safety consultant insurance plan to address your legal liabilities and […]

Bridging the Coverage Gap for Architects and Engineers

From traditional, critical, infrastructure such as buildings, roads and bridges to emerging facilities like charging stations and retrofitted offices and eateries that comply with ever-evolving regulation, architects and engineers are forced to balance public safety, environmental concerns and demand with logistical issues, rising costs and profitability. A common factor on both sides of that equation […]

Student Rental House Insurance

Student Rental House Insurance

Student Rental House Insurance Owning a student rental house in close proximity to a university or college can be a steady source of income and a valuable piece of real estate that appreciates over time. But to ensure that your investment doesn’t cost you money – or worse, put into bankruptcy – you need to […]

Fire Sprinkler Contractor Insurance

Potential Liability Exposures for Fire Sprinkler Contractors As a fire safety, plumbing and electrical, construction, loss-prevention and risk management professionals, you are all too familiar with mitigating risks and minimizing losses. Our fire sprinkler contractor insurance packages can do the same for you and your company. From fabricating and welding pipes and sprinkler heads, to […]

What You Should Know About Ocean Marine Liability Insurance

What’s Covered in Ocean Marine Liability Insurance? Ocean marine liability insurance is designed to cover owners/operators of sea-fearing vessels and ocean and marine installations from all sorts of potential liability and losses. To do that, ocean marine liability insurance covers three main areas of marine operations: Ocean marine hull coverage Ocean marine cargo coverage Ocean […]