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Publishing Company Insurance

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Publishers of both traditional printed materials and online media face similar risks. Publishing professionals live under the scrutiny of the public eye and the information you publish has an impact on those it reaches. That type of exposure exposes your publishing company to significant liability risks. That is why you need reliable insurance for publishers in place. From libel and slander to a missed deadline that leaves a client without their promotional materials to accusations of intellectual property theft, publishing company insurance can cover your exposures and keep your presses rolling.

What Type of Insurance Do Publishing Businesses Need?

Publishing Company Insurance
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The cornerstone of any publishing insurance package is Media Liability Insurance. Media liability insurance is a policy specifically designed to address the legal risks faced by both print and media publishers. Common risk scenarios faced by publishing professionals include:

  • A typo in a catalogue or flyer lists the wrong product price and your client is forced to honour the price or otherwise offer discounts or suffer permanent reputational damage
  • A story you run in your print or online newspaper uses a quote by a source that was supposed to be off the record
  • An author or editor of a novel your company published is accused of plagiarism, that the plot or characters in the story are nearly identical to ones in a previously published work
  • Mechanical problems with your billboard printer cause a delay in printing a client’s grand opening billboard, delaying the opening and resulting in lost sales
  • A worker for your publishing firm’s periodical is accused of harassment
  • A story your worker run accuses a subject of committing fraud based on information that turns out to have been incorrect and that person loses their business because of your company’s story

Media liability insurance as part of a company insurance plan can protect your company’s business income from lawsuits alleging:

  • Libel/slander
  • Trademark/copyright infringement (coverage also includes defence of your own intellectual property)
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Errors and omissions, negligence
  • Breach of contract 
  • False advertising
  • Deceptive trade practices
  • Invasion of privacy, trespassing 
  • Harassment, emotional distress, unlawful detention
  • Conspiracy 

If you are served with a claim on any of the above, an insurance company may provide you with:

  • Legal fees
  • Defence costs 
  • Out-of-court settlements
  • Awards for damages

It’s important to remember that even baseless claims still require a substantial amount of money to resolve – amounts that few printing presses have laying around.

Other types of insurance coverages that can be included in a publisher’s insurance plan

Commercial General Liability Insurance policies can protect your publishing business from lawsuits alleging bodily injury and property damage.

Property Insurance to protect your publishing business, office building and/or contents from perils such as fires, sewage backups, vandalism and more.

Business Interruption insurance for lost income after an insured peril and Extra Expense coverage to set up a temporary publication space following an insured peril.

Cyber Liability Coverage & Privacy Insurance to protect you from liability and expenses related to a cybersecurity event.

Pollution Liability Insurance if your publishing industry prints using chemicals that require specific handling and disposal.

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