Yoga Teacher Insurance: In-Person Instructor and Online Teaching Coverage

There is no going back to the way things were. At least not for the foreseeable future. Chances are that services across all industries have changed permanently. Even if things were to eventually return to what we were accustomed to as ‘normal business operations, businesses that don’t adapt to the new reality might not make it to that future time. The same is true with your Yoga classes. Integrating virtual Yoga sessions into your practice is a must for your business to survive our current economic climate.

Yoga Insurance
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Going Virtual With Your Yoga Classes 

As a fitness professional, you may have already started offering virtual yoga classes because of the growing popularity of fitness apps and distance-training equipment and platforms. And with people forced to exercise at home, there is a possibility they will continue to do so even if gyms and Yoga studios open again. So being able to service your clients remotely may be the only way to keep them.       

If you haven’t already done so, incorporating virtual yoga sessions and classes as part of your services moving forward presents an excellent opportunity to expand your client base and add more sessions to your daily schedule. There is also the added convenience of earning money from the comfort of your own home studio. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the logistics of moving your yoga instruction online along with the risks of doing so. 

Tips for Moving Your Yoga Instruction Online

As with providing Yoga instruction in person, your first priority is client safety. Your second priority is protecting yourself and your business. Here are some tips for transitioning to an online format:

  • Make sure you and your employees have current certifications, including first aid
  • Adopt your client screening questionnaires and waivers for online sessions
  • Offer different levels of intensity for pre-recorded sessions
  • Demonstrate safe and proper techniques for at-home yoga practice
  • Instruct, or assess, clients on proper yoga gear
  • Protect yourself with some of the Yoga Teacher insurance coverages discussed in this post

Protecting Your Yoga Studio

You may have already taken this opportunity to instruct clients from your home studio. Or you may own a commercial studio and have started broadcasting your virtual sessions from there. In either scenario, having Commercial Property Insurance is a must. to protect from damage caused by:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Burst pipe
  • Gas leak
  • Vandalism
  • Break-in

a Commercial Property insurance policy can cover replacement and repair costs. With online yoga instruction, you are now using new equipment as part of your business. If the worst were to happen, you need to make sure your equipment is protected. That equipment can include:

  • Mats, benches, blocks, straps and other fitness equipment
  • Laptops, cell phones and tablets
  • Webcams and camcorders, modems and routers
  • Desks, filing cabinets and office supplies

Having Commercial Property insurance as a Yoga Teacher allows you to focus on your clients knowing that your home, studio and equipment are covered. 

Cyber Liability Insurance – Protection Your Online Yoga Business

Are you thinking that nobody will want to target your modest online Yoga studio? Unfortunately, last year 1 in 5 businesses fell victim to a cyberattack. Of them, 60% were small or medium-sized businesses. Cybercriminals have realized that it’s easy to target small businesses and have made an industry out of doing so. And with more service businesses forced online to provide their services, it’s safe to assume that the numbers are going up.

Even if you weren’t planning on moving your instruction online, if you use technology in any way for your business, your business operations are vulnerable. Which makes Cyber Liability Insurance as important as any other insurance coverage these days. A cyberattack can:

  • Lock you out of your website or app 
  • Shut down your website or app
  • Close down your payment processing
  • Steal your, or your clients’, personal information 
  • Steal money from online accounts
  • Lead to identity theft

Cyber Liability insurance can cover the costs from a cyberattack such as: 

  • Data recovery
  • Client notifications if their personal information was exposed
  • Hardware repair or replacement
  • Ransomware fees
  • Legal fees

Cyber Liability insurance is a necessary coverage for all businesses these days. Your Yoga business, whether online or not, is no different.

Commercial General Liability Insurance for Yoga Instructors

If you don’t already have insurance as a Yoga Teacher, you are exposed to potential lawsuits if a client injures him/herself. Insurance for Yoga instructors is the only way to protect your business from possible lawsuits. If you’re committed to running a professional yoga practice, having Yoga Teacher’s insurance is a part of doing business in this space. 

Injuries happen to professional athletes who work with world-class trainers. Meaning they can happen to your clients as well. As an instructor and a small business owner, if one of your clients is injured, they may decide to sue you for damages. Depending on the seriousness of that injury, you could end up losing the business you worked so hard to build up. Worse, a lawsuit could mean bankruptcy. Having a Commercial General Liability insurance policy as a Yoga Teacher protects you from the legal costs that could result from a client injury such as:

  • Medical costs
  • Legal fees
  • Lost wages
  • Settlements
  • Awards for damages
  • Other costs and losses

Insuring Online Yoga Sessions

In order for your Yoga instruction business to thrive, it may be necessary to incorporate online classes or go 100% digital – especially in light of recent events.

Unfortunately, virtual sessions could mean a higher risk of injury. 

With virtual instruction, it’s harder for you to correct a client’s form. It is also more challenging to know if your client is overstretching or not. Finally, there is also the possibility that your client injures him/herself while splitting focus between what they’re doing and looking at or speaking into their laptop, tablet, or phone. You know the severity of injuries that can occur – muscle tears can take months or years to heal, or require surgery.

With a Commercial General Liability policy, as a Yoga instructor, you are protected if a client injures him/herself during an online training session and sues you for damages.

What is yoga insurance? 

Yoga insurance protects you as an instructor against any claims made against your business. You may operate out of a physical studio or exclusively online, but regardless you need to have yoga insurance. Insurance for yoga instructors is a must and will guard against potential claims you may have to pay if a client injures her or himself. This coverage can also protect you from damage to your physical assets like your studio and equipment, or online business assets such as your online library, website and client database.

The right yoga insurance coverage means you will not have to pay out of pocket for losses or claims brought against you by clients.  As a wellness industry professional, you face unique risks. Protect yourself with yoga insurance that is designed to cover your personal risks. 

How much does yoga insurance cost? 

The cost of your individual yoga insurance will depend on the size and scope of your personal yoga business. Your insurance coverage will vary according to the specifics of your business and could involve assessing the following: 

  • What type of services you offer
  • Whether you have a physical location or not
  • The number of staff you employ
  • The years of experience you have as a yoga instructor 
  • Whether you sell products to your clients 

The team of specialists at ALIGNED will assist you in getting all the information and premium estimates to make the best possible decision for your yoga business. 

Who needs yoga insurance? 

Anyone who is a practising yoga instructor receiving payment for their teaching services needs yoga insurance. It doesn’t matter if you teach out of a studio or online, you have to protect your yoga business. You might have a studio that provides equipment and instruction in-person to students, or you could be an entirely online instructor with an online following. Regardless, you need to protect yourself with the proper insurance that is tailored to your particular operation. Even a small claim against you can have a big impact on your business and eat into your bottom line. Talk to an ALIGNED specialist today about the right yoga insurance for you. 

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