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Best Personal Training and Trainer Business Insurance Online In Canada

Personal Trainer

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What is the Best Business Insurance for In-Person Instructor and Online Personal Trainer In Canada?

Working as a personal fitness, yoga practitioner, kickboxing coach or physical trainer can be very rewarding – and if you are planning out your goals and business objectives for the next 12 months you may be googling “Best personal training business insurance online in Canada?” We understand that what it takes to manage the health and fitness business-related risks as well as where to go to get your fitness company ALIGNED with coverage that will fit perfectly.

To help you focus on your fitness company business, we’ve simplified the insurance process and made it easy to get an online quote right here on our website. With your answers to a few questions about your fitness company, we will line up an online insurance quote that will address your specific questions related to “Best personal training business insurance online in Canada?

Insuring Online Personal Training Sessions

Personal Trainer
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In order for your Personal Training business to survive, it may be necessary for you to train clients remotely. Going digital with your training sessions is a great business strategy, especially in this day and age. 

Unfortunately, while face-to-face sessions and classes have the potential for client injury, virtual sessions mean a higher risk of injury. 

The reality is, you have less control over a client’s form during a virtual session. It’s also harder for you to gauge a client’s breathing and his/her comfort level with the intensity of an exercise. This is especially true with new clients that you haven’t met in person.

There is also the possibility that your client injures him/herself while splitting focus between what they’re doing and looking at or speaking into their laptop, tablet or phone.

The increased risk of injury with an online personal training session can be offset with a Commercial General Liability policy. If a client injures him/herself during an online training session and decides to sue you for damages, a Commercial General Liability policy can cover you for:

  • Legal fees
  • Settlements
  • Awards for damages

This kind of protection could very well save the business you worked so hard to build up and maybe even save you from bankruptcy.

Where You Conduct Your Sessions Matters

If you’re training clients online while in your home, you’re basically running a home business. Chances are you have home insurance to protect your home and valuables in case the worst happens. But what about your business equipment? The equipment you use to train clients online may not be covered if it’s determined that you’re operating a business out of your home. That equipment can include:

  • Weights, benches, and other fitness equipment
  • Webcams and camcorders, modems and routers
  • Laptops, cell phones and tablets
  • Desks, filing cabinets and office supplies

Having Commercial Property insurance as a Personal Trainer allows you to focus on training your clients virtually where it’s most convenient for you.  Meanwhile, the equipment you invested so much money into and rely on for your online training sessions is protected.

Cyber Liability Insurance to Protect Your Online Training Business

Convenience is often the difference that makes someone choose one app or service over the other. Paying for the service is a part of that convenience. You may or may not have payment processing set up on your website or app. Either way, having Cyber Liability insurance for your online Personal Training business is a must. We’ve seen a major increase in the number of cyberattacks on small and medium-sized businesses, and not just on businesses with online payment forms. Denial of service attacks, ransomware attacks, and trojan horses are just the tip of the iceberg. Cyber Liability insurance for Personal Trainers can protect you from the costs of a cyberattack such as:

  • Data recovery
  • Client notifications if their personal information was exposed
  • Hardware repair or replacement
  • Ransomware fees
  • Legal fees
  • Reputation management fees

These days, if you’re running any part of your business online, Cyber Liability insurance is just a cost of doing business.

Get Results Now. Get ALIGNED With The Best Personal Training Insurance Online In Canada.

You don’t have to stretch your budget to incorporate liability insurance into your business plan. As the owner/operator of a health or fitness company, knowing that someone is spotting your exposures upfront is important. To get the online quote process started with us, all you need to do is address some foundational questions about your fitness company business, including:

  1. Describe the type of fitness services your business provides.
  2. Where is your fitness company located?
  3. Describe any online services your company provides to clients.
  4. List the professional certifications you and your employees have.
  5. Describe the biggest potential liability exposures that your fitness company faces. 
  6. Detail any losses that your fitness company has experienced.
  7. What are the current values of your fitness company’s property? Inventory? Assets?

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As experts in getting Canadian businesses ALIGNED with commercial insurance solutions, our insurance brokers will assess your needs and connect you with the best options. Some fitness company released liability coverages that you may want to consider include:

If you want to know what is the best personal training business insurance online in Canada our experienced commercial insurance brokers are here to help you to determine the types of coverage you need most.

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