Amazon Retailer Liability Insurance

Selling merchandise on Amazon? Whether you’re reselling or selling your own products, if you’re planning on using the Amazon platform to reach a wider audience as part of your business plan, knowing the rules and protecting your business is key. If your professional seller’s account starts getting successful, you’re required by Amazon to carry a commercial liability insurance policy. Here’s what else you need to know about selling on Amazon and insurance: 

Mandatory Amazon Seller’s Insurance

The Seller’s Agreement, or “Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement”, has identical insurance requirements whether you’re selling from the United States or Canada and it states:

If the gross proceeds from Your Transactions exceed the applicable Insurance Threshold during each month over any period of three (3) consecutive months, or otherwise if requested by us, then within thirty (30) days thereafter, you will maintain at your expense throughout the remainder of the Term for each applicable Elected Country commercial general, umbrella or excess liability insurance with the Insurance Limits per occurrence and in aggregate covering liabilities caused by or occurring in conjunction with the operation of your business, including products, products/completed operations and bodily injury, with policy(ies) naming Amazon and its assignees as additional insureds. At our request, you will provide us with certificates of insurance for the coverage to the following address: c/o Amazon, P.O. Box 81226, Seattle, WA 98108-1226, Attention: Risk Management.

“Insurance Threshold” means the applicable one of the following:

  • Ten Thousand Canadian Dollars ($10,000) (if the Elected Country is Canada),
  • One Hundred Thousand Mexican Pesos ($100,000) (if the Elected Country is Mexico),
  • Ten Thousand U.S. Dollars ($10,000) (if the Elected Country is the United States).

“Insurance Limits” means the applicable one of the following:

  • One Million Canadian Dollars ($1,000,000) (if the Elected Country is Canada),
  • Ten Million Mexican Pesos ($10,000,000) (if the Elected Country is Mexico),
  • One Million U.S. Dollars ($1,000,000) (if the Elected Country is the United States).

In other words, if you make over $10,000 in gross sales for three months in a row, or if asked to by Amazon, you’ll need to carry $1M in commercial liability insurance coverage in case of bodily injuries caused by your products. More on Commercial Liability Insurance below. Amazon also requires that you include them as an “additional insured” under your policy so make sure your broker does so when purchasing Amazon seller’s insurance.

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Commercial General Liability Insurance is a policy that protects you and your business against lawsuits arising from claims of personal injury or property damage due to your products, services, advertising, or business operations. 

As we all know, lawsuits can carry with them expensive legal fees, court costs, settlements, and awards for damages. Add it all up and the costs could easily mean the end of any business. Which is why a CGL policy is standard for any size company – even your home e-commerce business.

How to get your mandatory Amazon retailer liability coverage

Online sales are driving the economy. That’s why becoming an Amazon retailer is an exciting opportunity. The following stats clearly demo Amazon’s incredible online presence and retailing success:

With incredible potential also comes unique risks. This is why Amazon retailer liability coverage is specifically required by Amazon. Insurance for Amazon retailers is also regularly recommended by our experienced business insurance brokers.

We work with numerous Amazon retailers across the country. We know how to secure the required Amazon retailer liability insurance coverage for your business. 

With insurance brokers in Ontario, Alberta and in British Columbia, we can quickly get you an Amazon retailer liability insurance coverage quote.

Just three steps to get your Amazon retailer coverage

If you need an Amazon retailer liability insurance quote just contact one of our ALIGNED brokers for assistance. It’s a simple and straight-forward process to get your quote aligned. Here are the three steps we’ll undertake once you contact us:

  1. An ALIGNED broker will ask you for some basic information from your Amazon retailer liability coverage needs.
  2. Our business insurance brokers will do the shopping for you. They’ll secure some quote options for your Amazon retailer liability insurance.
  3. You choose the Amazon retailer liability insurance quote that’s the best for your business!

Info that’s needed to get your Amazon retailer liability

Quoting simplified. The process to get an Amazon retailer liability insurance quote isn’t complex. Below is rough overview of the information that you’ll need.

  1. Business name – legal entity if incorporated; your personal name if not incorporated
  2. A complete list of all types of products you are selling or would like to sell
  3. Actual or projected volume of sales projected for the next year
  4. A percentage % breakdown of actual or projected sales between Canada, US and rest of the world

While securing products liability insurance coverage for Amazon retailers is fairly straight-forward, in some cases, it may be more complex. And if the insurance recommended given the scope your operations differs from the basic requirements for Amazon retailers, your coverage needs will be different. Our expert insurance brokers can help you get aligned with the best coverage options and all of your other business insurance needs too.

Getting ALIGNED with Amazon Insurance

To get a free quote on Amazon Seller’s Insurance, you’ll need the following information for your ALIGNED Advocate to better understand your products and get you the coverage you need at the best rates:

  • Your Business Name
  • The complete mailing address for your business
  • A list of products you’re selling on Amazon and plan to sell in the future
  • The amount of your actual sales or forecasted sales
  • Where your products are being sold, i.e. how much are you selling in Canada, the US and everywhere else

Get insured with a brokerage that knows the e-commerce space. You’re just seconds away from a free online quote.

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