Where Can I Get Snow Removal Insurance Online In Canada?

What is snow removal insurance? 

Snow removal insurance is coverage to guard against the numerous perils associated with snow removal for companies in Canada. This profession operates in the most challenging weather conditions, and it can be a dangerous endeavour. As a snow removal professional, you have to take your risks into account and have the appropriate insurance coverage in place to protect yourself and your business. A comprehensive insurance package will safeguard your business from the everyday hazards you face ensuring that the public can travel safely in extreme conditions. Snow removal insurance takes your business’ features into account and includes the right coverage for you. 

Snow Removal Insurance
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Do snow-removal contractors need insurance? 

Yes. As a snow removal contractor, you are dealing with public safety, as well as the safety of your employees. You need insurance coverage to protect your business, including a risk management strategy tailored to you. Your customers may be smart about passing liability to you as the snow removal contractor precisely for “slip-and-fall” incidents that often happen in slippery, snowy conditions. ALIGNED Insurance agents take this into account when building your insurance package. Many of your clients will also require you to have snow removal insurance in place to offer you a contract. 

Why is Snow Removal Insurance so Important? 

Anyone involved in an accident on a plowed road or surface will be encouraged to name multiple parties in any claims or lawsuits, and that could include your snow removal company. Having the right insurance coverage limits your company’s liability if someone is injured or property is damaged during snow removal. Often, your customers could include government or other organizations requiring you to have Snow Removal Insurance in place to give you a contract, so you will also have the opportunity to bid on more jobs. 

What Does Snow Removal Insurance Cover? 

In addition to Commercial General Liability that covers so-called slip-and-fall incidents and property damage, Snow Removal Insurance can also cover Equipment Breakdown Insurance so you are not crippled by a plow breaking down, Commercial Auto Insurance to protect your company vehicles, and Cyber Liability Insurance to cover your online assets and customer information.

Where Can I Get Snow Removal Insurance Online In Canada?

If you look forward to a big snow forecast, you may also wonder “Where can I get snow removal insurance online in Canada?”. Whether you hook up a plow to your pick-up truck or manage a fleet of tractors to dig out multiple clients, we can line you up with better snow plowing insurance. To help you focus on your seasonal business, we’ve streamlined things to make it easy. We just need a bit of info about your snow removal business to get started and our team of expert commercial insurance brokers are available to answer all your questions about “Where can I get snow removal insurance online in Canada?

Plow Ahead With Real Answers To Where Can I Get Snow Removal Insurance Online In Canada… 

Snow removal is a risky business. In fact, Canadian insurers have always considered snow plowing to be a tough or “high risk” class of business. This is mostly because snow plowing companies tend to face an increased frequency of slip and fall lawsuits.

Read the fine print in your contracts. Professional property managers and savvy landlords often transfer 100% of legal responsibility for any and all slip and fall incidents directly to snow removal companies. As well, personal injury law firms use radio, tv and digital advertising campaigns to attract the attention of the general public. Law firms encourage people who’ve slipped and fallen to choose their firm to launch lawsuits against numerous parties.

Despite the many liability risks, we’ve had great success securing cost-effective snow plowing insurance coverage across Canada. We work directly with snow removal clients to help you and your people understand and proactively manage risk with contractual risk transfer and other proven strategies.

Why ALIGNED Insurance Brokers Can Help You Plow Snow With Confidence.

  • We proactively review your contracts.
  • We review and select your control adjuster to ensure an optimal fit with your snow removal business. When a claim happens, we work to ensure consistent and knowledgeable representation.
  • We ensure your snow removal business has consistent legal representation that will aggressively fight snow removal insurance claims and not just settle.
  • We provide assistance in managing subcontractor relationships to minimize insurance costs and losses.
  • In addition, we built ALIGNED to be different than the typical Canadian insurance broker. 

Snow Removal Insurance Online With ALIGNED Is Available For:

  • Clearing of federal, provincial or municipal roads or highways
  • Commercial property parking lots
  • Condos
  • Sidewalks and bus shelters
  • Residential driveways
  • U.S. exposures

If you want to know where can I get snow removal insurance online in Canada our experienced commercial insurance brokers are here to help you to determine the types of liability coverage you need most.

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