Roof Snow Load Collapse Insurance Coverage Explained

Roof Snow Load Collapse Insurance Coverage Explained – How Your Address Can Equal An Ounce Of Prevention…

Whether you live in a snow belt or just experienced a winter storm, extreme snow events and/or seasonal snow buildup can have a huge impact on your business if you experience a roof collapse due to snow load. Too much snow and ice on a roof has the potential to endanger your building and when spring and fall temperatures fluctuate between highs and lows, the melting and refreezing of snow and ice can increase the weight of these deposits and put even more stress on roof structures. Most commercial property insurance policies cover damage caused by roof collapse due to snow load, but taking steps to mitigate the chance of a roof collapse is always recommended.

Roof Snow Load Collapse Risk Management

To help businesses be more proactive when managing risks associated with roof collapse due to snow load engaging a contractor to conduct roof snow removal is highly encouraged.

Roof Snow Removal –  Advance Warning Signs

Recently, some insurers like Intact Insurance have developed and are now offering some commercial and farm clients advanced warning systems to help better protect customers from a potential loss collapse before it happens.  Data that is constantly collected by Canadian weather stations is combined with years of loss prevention information. All information is processed and geographic areas that may experience weather conditions that could lead to a potential roof collapse are identified.

For some Intact clients, ALIGNED Insurance will receive alerts about insured properties within the noted geography. If your organization could potentially be impacted, our team of advocates will attempt to contact owners of insured properties to alert them of the potential weather conditions and increased probability of roof collapse from snow load.

If you receive an alert via email from ALIGNED Insurance about roof snow load, you will be invited to:

  1. Make arrangements for roof snow removal with a local contractor
  2. Take photos of the snow &/or ice accumulation before it is removed
  3. Take ‘after’ photos of the roof once roof snow removal is complete
  4. Submit your receipt for snow removal costs to your ALIGNED Advocate and if you are eligible you will be refunded up to $1,000 (including HST).

We recognize that prevention can go a long way in helping you manage your commercial property risks and we are here to help provide leading insurance products and risk management services and programs like this.   Talk to an ALIGNED advocate today about how you can get future roof snow removal costs covered.

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