Is Your Organization Ready For The Digital Privacy Act (DPA)?

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The Digital Privacy Act (formerly known as Bill S-4), received Royal Assent in June 2015, resulting in a number of significant amendments to Canada’s federal private sector privacy law, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Many amendments came into force upon Royal Assent, while those relating to “breaches of security safeguards” (which generally include incidents commonly referred to as data breaches) will come into force following associated regulations being developed and  put into place by the federal government.

Ready For The Digital Privacy Act (DPA)?

With the rapid acceleration in the frequency and severity of data breaches over the last few years government and businesses alike are trying to keep up.  In 2015, the Canadian government passed the Digital Privacy Act (DPA), giving Canadian businesses mandatory breach notification requirements and harsh penalties if they don’t adhere (click here to learn more).  Although the The Digital Privacy Act (DPA) originally received royal assent in 2015 it is expected to become effective later this year, and we want to make sure you and your organization are prepared.

What Can Organizations Do To Minimize Their Cyber Risk & Prepare For The Digital Privacy Act (DPA)?

  • Engage a third party cyber security firm
  • Connect with experienced Cyber Legal Counsel
  • Buy Cyber Insurance To Cover Costs Post Breach which can include reactive breach services such as breach counselling, notification assistance, evidentiary support and much more etc.

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