Vacant Building Insurance Coverage Explained

Vacant Building Insurance Coverage Explained

Securing insurance for a short or long-term vacant building can be difficult, expensive and complex.  Thankfully ALIGNED Advocates have experience and expertise in handling these types of placements and can present a number of options for consideration.

Vacant Building Insurance Coverage Target Classes

  • Newly vacant
  • Residential
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Can be undergoing minor renovations
  • Vacant with the planned demolition

Vacant Building Insurance Coverage Highlights

For best in class vacant properties ALIGNED can typically secure quotes that can include some or all of the following coverage extensions:

  • Broad form coverage
  • Replacement cost
  • Sewer backup coverage
  • Vandalism
  • No restrictions on the age of the building
  • On-premises pollution (property only)

Is It More Expensive To Insure A Vacant Building? 

It is generally more expensive to insure a vacant commercial building than one that is occupied. This is due to the fact that vacancy means there is no one on-site to monitor any potential mishaps or occurrences. Damage can worsen quickly when there is no one monitoring a building, making it worse than it might otherwise have been if it had been detected quickly. Due to this added risk and potential for more serious damage, vacant building insurance is usually more costly than for other commercial buildings. 

What Is Vacant Building Insurance? 

This type of insurance will protect your physical structure from potential hazards. These could include fire, vandalism or theft, extreme weather-related harms, as well as accidental damage. Additionally, vacant building insurance can protect the building owner from liability for property damage or physical injury to third parties. 

Your ALIGNED vacant building insurance policy can include coverage extensions for specific issues that apply to your commercial building. 

Can You Insure An Unoccupied Building? 

The crucial difference between a vacant and unoccupied building is the length of time. With a vacant building, the standard definition is one that has been empty for more than 30 days and has been emptied of furniture so is not being used. Typically, a vacant building would have electricity and water and other services shut off. 

An occupied building is one that is only temporarily unoccupied but is still set up for use and will be used again in the near future. You can ensure an unoccupied building, but many insurers will only do so for 30 days or so (this may differ between insurers). You can usually expect to pay about 50% more to insure an unoccupied home. 

 How Much Is Insurance On A Commercial Building? 

Insurance on a commercial building depends on a few factors, including the size of the property, its value, the age and condition of the property, whether it has had previous insurance claims, and its current use. If the commercial building is vacant, the insurance is likely to be more expensive than the one that is currently being used. As described above, that is because there is greater risk involved in a building that is vacant. If damage occurs it can be compounded if it isn’t discovered right away and more types of damage can happen. Contact an ALIGNED insurance advocate today for a quote tailored to your commercial building.

ALIGNED has the ability to accommodate a variety of unique commercial property exposures and hazards and works with insurers who have capacity available in excess of $20 million. Whether it is a vacant dwelling, vacant commercial or industrial space, our products are custom-tailored to a variety of risks!

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