Liability Insurance Cost for Gym and Fitness Businesses

Why Do Gyms and Fitness Centers Need Business Insurance?

Gyms and fitness centers operate with a lot of specialized equipment, employees, systems, and employees. They can offer a range of exercise classes and have heavy foot traffic during certain hours of the day. Whether it’s protected their own commercial property and assets from insured perils like fire, flood, and theft, or protecting themselves against third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage, purchasing business insurance will help.

Business insurance for gyms and fitness centers can help cover legal fees, settlement awards, medical fees, and more in the event of any third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage. It can also help cover your repair and replacement costs for damaged commercial property or compensation for business interruption in the event of an insured peril.

How Does Fitness Studio Insurance Protect Your Business?

When something unexpected happens during the daily operations of your fitness studio, it can result in financial losses for your business. Whether customers get injured or suffer property damage, or your equipment gets stolen or damaged, fitness studio insurance is designed to mitigate the financial risks that come with operating a fitness studio. It can help you cover expenses with legal disputes, medical claims, settlement awards, and more that would otherwise be costly to pay out of your own pocket.

For example, commercial general liability insurance is a common type of coverage for fitness studios that protect your business against third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage arising while they are on your premises. Commercial property insurance is also popular because fitness studios often have a lot of specialized equipment for weight lifting, yoga, and other exercises that could be damaged.

Are Fitness Instructors Covered by the Policy of the Gym or Studio?

The commercial general liability insurance of the gym or fitness studio may cover full-time employees or fitness instructors working at your location. However, there are specific limits that all employees are entitled to in terms of insurance coverage and the insurance policy may not dedicate a specific claim amount to each fitness instructor. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you have enough business insurance to suit your business needs. You can always have the option of increasing your limit if necessary.

What Do You Need for a Gym Insurance Quote?

Getting a gym insurance quote is easy and there are many ways you can get an accurate estimation of your insurance premiums. Using an insurance brokerage is one of the quickest ways to shop and compare different gym insurance premiums and policies that are available. With our online tool, you’ll answer some questions about your coverage needs and business information, and we’ll provide some quotes that we think are best suited for you.

How Much Is Liability Insurance For A Fitness Company In Canada?

Working as personal fitness, yoga practitioner, kickboxing coach or physical trainer can be very rewarding – and if you are planning out your goals and business objectives for the next 12 months you may be googling “How much is liability insurance for a fitness company in Canada?” We understand that what it takes to manage the health and fitness business-related risks as well as where to go to get your fitness company ALIGNED with coverage that will fit perfectly. To help you focus on your fitness company business, we’ve simplified the insurance process and made it easy to get an online quote right here on our website. With your answers to a few questions about your fitness company, we will line up an online insurance quote that will address your specific questions related to “How much is liability insurance for a fitness company in Canada?”

You don’t have to stretch your budget to incorporate liability insurance into your business plan. As the owner/operator of a health or fitness company, knowing that someone is spotting your exposures upfront is important. To get the online quote process started with us, all you need to do is address some foundational questions about your fitness company business, including:

  1. Describe the type of fitness services your business provides.
  2. Where is your fitness company located?
  3. Describe any online services your company provides to clients.
  4. List the professional certifications you and your employees have.
  5. Describe the biggest potential liability exposures that your fitness company faces. 
  6. Detail any losses that your fitness company has experienced.
  7. What are the current values of your fitness company’s property? Inventory? Assets?

As experts in getting Canadian businesses ALIGNED with commercial insurance solutions, our insurance brokers will assess your needs and connect you with the best options. Some fitness company released liability coverages that you may want to consider include:

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