Snow Plowing Insurance Coverage Explained

Snow Plowing Insurance in Canada

Snow plowing insurance coverage in Canada is an important part of operating a snow removal business.  Whether you just hook up a plow to your personal pick up truck or store tractors in mall parking lots and have large commercial contracts understanding the risks involved in operating a snow plowing business and the value of snow plowing insurance is important.  Snow plowing insurance coverage has always been considered a tough or high risk class of business for Canadian insurers given the historic and increasing frequency of slip and falls lawsuits that tend to plague companies in the snow plowing business.   In addition, to professional property managers and savvy landlords often contractually transferring all legal responsibility for slips & falls to snow removal companies and personal injury law firms are actively marketing to the public and encouraging them to bring law suits against numerous parties through radio, tv and digital advertising.

Despite the significant challenges facing the snow plowing industry ALIGNED Insurance brokers have had considerable success securing cost effective snow plowing insurance coverage for it’s clients due to it’s proactive approach of helping snow removal companies understand and manage their risk through contractual risk transfer and other proven strategies.

What Makes ALIGNED Insurance Brokers Any Better Or Different Than Other Insurance Brokers?

  • Proactive contract review
  • Interviewing and selection of a control adjuster to ensure fit with the insured, consistent representation to push back again insurance claims.
  • Consistent legal representation to aggressively fight snow removal insurance claims and not just settle
  • Assistance managing subcontractor relationships to minimize insurance costs and losses
  • In addition to the above ALIGNED was intentionally built to be different than the typical insurance broker.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Snow Plowing Insurance Coverage Is Available For:

  • Commercial Property Parking lots
  • Condos
  • Sidewalks & Bus shelters
  • Residential Driveways
  • Clearing of Federal, Provincial or Municipal roads or highways
  • US exposure

Our Snow Plowing Insurance Coverage Highlights

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100% Canadian owned, ALIGNED is a premiere insurance brokerage that serves more than 1,400 clients across the country. ALIGNED’s offices in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver are supported by a national operations centre in Cambridge, Ontario. Uniquely within the industry, ALIGNED creates, negotiates and delivers the best business insurance and risk management strategies/solutions to organizations like yours.

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