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Where Can I Get Insurance For My Marijuana Business In Canada? 

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With Canada legalizing marijuana – individuals and businesses alike are busily googling “Where can I get insurance for my marijuana business in Canada?” As noted by CTV News, “On Oct. 17, Canada [became] the second and largest country with a legal national marijuana marketplace. Uruguay launched legal sales last year, after several years of planning. …Canada’s national approach has allowed for unfettered industry banking, inter-province shipments of cannabis, online ordering, postal delivery and billions of dollars in investment; national prohibition in the U.S. has stifled greater industry expansion there.”1 With marijuana business opportunities popping up everywhere – including the world’s first marijuana ETF – it is no wonder that so many people are scrambling to figure out “Where can I get insurance for my marijuana business in Canada?”

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If you’re poised to launch a marijuana business in Canada you are likely aware that you are breaking new ground. What you may not know is that within the world of insurance, the marijuana business does not fall into the standard insurance placement process. This means that only a limited group of insurance companies are willing to underwrite the specific risks associated with the marijuana business in Canada.

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Insuring a marijuana business – regardless of it’s Main Street, online, or a combination location – is a brand new venture. Not since the days of Prohibition have so many questions been unanswered. In order to secure the best coverage for your marijuana business in Canada it is important that you connect with an insurance broker who thoroughly understand the new and limited marketplace in Canada.

From coast-to-coast-to-coast, ALIGNED insurance brokers know how to find budding insurance options for a a marijuana business. To get things rolling, you’ll need to complete a business interruption worksheet as well as a statement of values. And if you are growing marijuana, you’ll be asked to complete a marijuana growers insurance application as well.

So…Where Can I Get Insurance For My Marijuana Business In Canada?

With us. Every business faces risk and the marijuana business is no different. Risks such as:

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Source(s): Countdown to cannabis in Canada: World’s largest country with legal pot sales – CTV News

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