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Need help completing a business interruption worksheet?

So…what comes next? Business owners, controllers and CFO’s often ask us “How do I complete a business interruption worksheet for commercial property insurance?” 

As a result, we’ve written this post about what you need to know about business interruption worksheets and your commercial insurance.

First and foremost, here’s some relevant info about business interruption coverage. The following selection from 1 of our more than 1,000 insurance blog posts provides a starting point.

“…after a fire, flood or windstorm, your business needs to have the right property insurance coverage in place to repair or replace your insured building, equipment and/or inventory. Secondly, when a worst-case scenario happens, your business may not have sufficient funds to keep paying your ongoing expenses (aka as standing charges).”

Business Interruption | Insurance broker Toronto – ALIGNED

It’s vitally important for organizations to not only understand how business interruption works but know how to complete a business interruption worksheet. Keep reading to learn why and how we deliver commercial insurance Canada differently…

ALIGNED insurance brokers of Canada help business owners with business interruption worksheets

Typical Canadian insurance brokers just email an information request to clients a few months in advance of their renewal.

The email often includes a blank statement of values, a blank Commercial General Liability Insurance application and request to complete a business interruption worksheet.

Often clients feel uncomfortable about asking for help completing a business interruption worksheet for commercial property insurance. They are uncertain about what needs to be included. What’s relevant. What details really matter.

Not all insurance brokers Canada are the same. ALIGNED insurance brokers are experienced with business interruption coverage, and know how to complete relevant documentation.

We are 100% focussed on delivering the best options and value in commercial insurance Canada every day.

We are in this together. Our brokers can help you complete your commercial property business interruption worksheet.

Across Canada, our brokers help clients complete this vital documentation. Here’s how we do it:

1. We work with clients to complete the business interruption worksheet. We discuss nuances like “Do or should I include payroll?” “What are standing charges?” etc. 

2. We also offer unique service packages which can include 1 hour of support by Canada’s leading forensic accountants to ensure your limits and coverage extensions meet your specific needs.

All too often, insurance buyers receive little to no guidance from their insurance broker about how to complete this extremely important document. This is why it is essential to calculate the appropriate amount of business interruption insurance that’s needed.

What to know about business interruption & cyber attacks…

When you’re thinking about what usually causes a business interruption, natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes and floods likely spring to mind. These events can physically damage your property and equipment, making your work-space unusable for a time.

Nature isn’t the only cause of business interruption. Here’s an extract from a recent insurance insight we shared about cyber attacks and business interruption…

“While natural disasters are still the main reason for an interruption, another cause has made a quick move up the ranks: cyber attack. As businesses increasingly rely on computers and digital storage of essential data, a cyber attack will continue to be a potential exposure. Read on to learn how a cyber attack could lead to a business interruption and what you can do to mitigate the risk.

Hackers, thieves and other unauthorized individuals have become adept at exploiting weaknesses in business’ computer systems, whether through traditional hacking methods or social engineering.”

What can happen, may happen…

There are many things to be concerned about when it comes to a cyber attack. Above all, a cyber attack could completely cripple the ability of your business to perform normal activities. For instance…

  • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that makes your website inaccessible to customers and employees
  • Malicious code that renders your website unusable
  • Viruses, worms or other code that deletes critical information on business hard drives as well as other hardware

It is easy to see how any of these events might leave your company scrambling to do business. Unfortunately, many smaller businesses don’t have the people or financial resources available to detect the problem as well as work on fixing it, which only increases the length of an interruption situation.

Learn more about ways to prevent a cyber attack from causing a business interruption situation here.

Source: Can a cyber attack cause a business interruption loss?

We align coverage to meet your specific business needs

At ALIGNED Insurance our experienced team of insurance brokers help clients with the business interruption insurance buying process in a number of ways. We make it fast, simple and easy to align your risks and exposures with the best commercial coverage options.

If you need to complete a business interruption worksheet, our insurance brokers across Canada can help.

In short, we know it’s vitally important for organizations to understand how business interruption works and know how to complete a business interruption worksheet. ALIGNED insurance brokers understand business coverage and know how to complete relevant documentation.

We only work with top Canadian insurance companies. Our brokers know the marketplace. We’ll search the market and find you the best value and options in Toronto commercial insurance. We’re ALIGNED.

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